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This archive contains the past pieces of Prose. Read and enjoy!


Freedom: Then & Now

A New Place

The Next Journey


The Practices List:

The Practices # 1 - Sit In The Silence One Hour Daily

The Practices # 2 - Do The Ego Process Daily

The Practices # 3 - Give Thanks Unceasingly

The Practices # 4 - Practice The Language Of Light Unceasingly

The Practices # 5 - Praise God, Which You Are, Unceasingly

The Practices # 6 - Make The Calls In The Christ Unceasingly

The Practices # 7 - Raise Your Core Body Temperature Daily

The Practices # 8 - Reference Soul In All Decision Making

Word Index

These words take you to a list of titles in which you will find the following:

Awakening Mystic
Body Negative Feelings
Change / Transformation Neutrality / Isness
Choices Next Focus Sheets
Consciousness Not Enough / Less Than
Creativity Oneness / Together
Death / Dying Paradox
Divine Father Peace
Divine Mother Polarities
Divine Order Positive Feelings
Divine Set-Up Real / Illusion
Divinity Self-Love
Ego Self-Realization
Energy Serene Center of Being Within the Heart
Eternal / Divine Shadow
Family Shame
Giving / Receiving Soul Agreement
God Soul / Being
Heart Spiritual Muscle
Humanity Surrender
Inner Planes The Big Lie
Inspiration The Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts
Language of Light The Practices
Life The Silence
Light The Work
Love Triangulation
Mystery School Trust


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