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The Practices

#3 Give Thanks Unceasingly

In order to bring Consciousness to each moment, we practice giving thanks unceasingly. This moves us into acceptance of the "Isness" of each moment. We have a deeper awareness of ourselves as creator of each perfectly orchestrated moment. We feel gratitude for the opportunities which give us a greater realization of ourselves as God. By keeping our Hearts open in appreciation, we bless each moment as sacred and divinely created.

Before I would judge or blame; feel victimized by circumstances; curse what seemed unfortunate, undeserved, or unwanted - now I can choose to take full responsibility for the impeccably of each moment. I give thanks to all participants who shared in yet another opportunity for my Awakening. When we are in gratitude, a shift occurs from the negative ego talk within our minds to God Thoughts of thanks and appreciation. We raise vibration when we move into gratitude. Divine Order is always in place in each moment. For this we do give great thanks.


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