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The Next Journey

After departing from my past, I caught a train. I started a new journey…All the passengers had made the same decision. They opened their arms to warmly welcome me. But the attachment to my personal experiences was so strong I repeatedly doubted if I really belonged here. Would the train take me to the right destination? People came and went through the doors above which were signs in red bearing the word "EXIT." I felt that one of my feet was inside the door, the other was outside, exiting!

Two stops later the scenery outside the train window became exciting. The old dramas faded away. Just as I was beginning to feel a little more comfortable, I heard an announcement that the train would take us through a dark tunnel. My heart jumped into my throat. All my nightmares started coming back. I stared at the "EXIT" sign, but the door was tightly closed. The train started going faster and faster. I held my breath, thinking about all the worst end scenarios of my death. Most of the passengers were screaming. Only a few said: "After the dark tunnel, we will see the Light fully." There was no way to leave the train physically. My mind went far, far away….. "Exiting!" My next memory was of an amazingly bright Light, illuminating everything. I took a deep breath and realized that I had never felt so free before.

The train was coming to a stop. All the passengers prepared to leave. The train had served us. The next stop was the last. All the exits were wide open, but I couldn't move my feet. Fear overwhelmed me. What about the next journey? What about the future? What about the unknown? The engineer of the train said: "There is never a beginning. There is never an end. There is only the inertia and the momentum of the process: the stopping and going from one place to another. Enjoy each different experience. We can go wherever we choose. We can choose to take this express train. We can also choose not to exit. It will take us to the Light, the place which makes our Hearts sing fully." The engineer of the train, who takes me to my destination, is actually me.



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