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The Practices

#5 Praise God, Which You Are, Unceasingly

To see the Divine in all things is an aspect of The Work. When we immerse ourselves in the energy of praise, we are Soul-connected since praise is a Soul quality. To celebrate each event, each person, each thing as God, as Love, keeps us in a state of gratitude and wonderment. Praise keeps our Hearts open. We revel in life around us, acclaiming the magnificence of this incredible adventure.

How easily we are awed by a stunning sunset or a beautiful rainbow. We readily recognize "God at work" in these inspiring events. Now we take it one step further. We recognize ourselves as God experiencing all the wonderment we see around us. We praise the Divine Setups in our lives. We are in reverence of the amazing creation of our bodies, our 5 senses, our aliveness. What a remarkable opportunity to experience ourselves as God in the physical body. To deeply feel our process of Awakening. To honor and celebrate our courage and willingness to Awaken.

For me, this practice is pivotal in moving toward Self-Realization. It keeps me focused on the Bigger Picture of "What's Really Going On". I give praise and appreciation for the journey of Awakening. Practicing a continuous state of praise reminds me that every thing and every moment is truly sacred.


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