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Below, you will find a list of writings that relate to the topic above.

Please be aware that there is a sister site associated with God Direct called Soul on Line. Some of the titles below will take you directly to the Soul on Line site. Use your browser's "back" button to return to this site once you have enjoyed the piece.

Please choose a title from the list, click on it, and enjoy!

Life - God Direct

Eating Consciously

Service Is Being

Showing Up And Being Lovingly Present No Matter What It Looks Like Out There Or Inside Yourself...

The Business Of The Business

Shop Til' You Drop And Then What?

Strength And Courage


Six Great Lessons: The Important Things Life Teaches You...

Kids' Letters To God

Precious One

Remembering Who We Are

And Zen Some

A Prayer For All Beings

For The Love Of Money


Life - Soul on Line

A Question Of Balance

The A-Z Of Friendship

The Meaning Of Life

Thoughts On Love

Please Stop Taking Your Life So Personally

Love Comes In All Sizes And Shapes

Life: A Balancing Act

The Dance


Mom's Rocker

Preparing For The Moment

Perfectionism Then And Now

The View From Here


The Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts - God Direct

More God Thoughts

Mysticism - God Direct

This IS It

There Is Nowhere To Go

Haver Anee Zocher (My Friend, I Will Remember You)

The Words Of Mystics


To All That I Love

The Dream: Life and Death


Mysticism - Soul on Line

Mystical Words From The Past


Are You A Mystic? I Am.

You Are The Muse

Soul - Soul on Line

"What's Really Going On Here" Is Always Clear At Soul Level

Self Loving Soul

Death and Dying - Soul on Line

The Final Miracle

Death And The Teenager

On Grieving




Oh Most Beloved Death

The Other Side

Mind / Emotion - God Direct

Whatever You Choose, Choose It Consciously


Feel The Mind - Think The Feelings


Living Your Life, Living Your Death

Divine Love - Soul on Line

More God Thoughts

Divine Father - All Creation Expressing

Prose - God Direct

Conversation With The Dalai Lama

Please Stop Taking Your Life So Seriously

Everything Is Scared

Meeting God

Challenge Versus Opportunity


The Practices - # 2 - Do The Ego Process Daily


Prose - Soul on Line

Check Your Ego At The Doorway Of Your Life


Sowing Seeds Of Love

The Loving Purpose

The Transformation

I'm The Beach Freak

Poetry - God Direct


Turning Point

My Beloved Shadow

If Tomorrow I Were To Lose My Sight

My Shadow




Poetry - Soul on Line

Love - - No Matter What

Tears Of Joy

Endless Song

The Gift ... A Friend

Continuum Of Creativity

A Journey Home

Life's Whisper

Stone and Sand

Only One Journey

Humor - God Direct

35 Great Reasons To Be A Man


Humor - Soul on Line

Wake Up Call



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