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The Practices

#7 Raise Your Core Body Temperature Daily

We are bringing Spirit into form. That's what The Work is all about. Becoming more and more Soul-infused. We choose to live a Soul-Centered life. In order to carry this extraordinary energy of Soul within each cell of our body, we must prepare and maintain it to hold the escalated vibration of Soul. We do this by working our physical muscles right along with our spiritual muscles. Our practice is to "work out" to the point of sweating, for one hour daily. Any form of exercise will do. The exercise we choose needs to be done with a high level of Consciousness, Love, and Gratitude. This is a sacred activity. We honor these bodies as temples which house our Soul. This is part of our Awakening. We call this the "baptism in the Christ". Our physical body, the densest of our four lower bodies, opens to Soul infusion when we consciously exercise. This practice makes our bodies more malleable and accepting of the energy of Soul.

We raise our core body temperature daily in Self-Love and Gratitude. We delight in the flexibility, strength, resilience, and endurance of our bodies. We honor them as the sacred body of Christ. They are God made manifest in the physical. We experience God Consciousness in every cell. We choose to Wake Up while still in the physical body. As we strengthen our bodies, we have the stamina to maintain alignment with Soul throughout our day.


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