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Below, you will find a list of writings that relate to the topic above.

Please be aware that there is a sister site associated with God Direct called Soul on Line. Some of the titles below will take you directly to the Soul on Line site. Use your browser's "back" button to return to this site once you have enjoyed the piece.

Please choose a title from the list, click on it, and enjoy!

The Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts - God Direct

More God Thoughts

Introduction to The Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

#1-4 - God Is / God Is Love / I Am Love / I Am God

#1 - God Is

#2 - God Is Love

#4 - I Am God

#5 - Everything Is God

#6 - Everything Is Important And Nothing Is Important

#7 - Everything Is Illusion Back To God

#8 - Everything Is Already Accomplished, All You Do Is Bring Your Consciousness To It

#11 - Show Up And Be Lovingly Present No Matter What It Looks Like Out There Or Inside Yourself

#12 - Always Speak The Truth Of Your Heart

#13 - Self-Love

Mysticism - God Direct

God Prays Me And I Praise God

This IS It


Haver Anee Zocher (My Friend, I Will Remember You)

The Words Of Mystics

My Stairway To Heaven

The Silence = God Being = Me

Creativity: My Gift From God

Eternal Flame

God Thoughts For The Day

Cosmic Concepts


The Great Paradox: What Happened When I Knew There Was God And There Was No God

Eternal Presence

Mystical Musings


Mysticism - Soul on Line

A Drop Of The Ocean: A Mystic's Life

An Afternoon On Mt. Tamalpais

Awakening As A Mystic

If Love Grew On Trees

The Isness

Recipe For A Day In The Isness

Mystical Words From The Past

The Silence = God Being = Me

Life As A Mystic

Blessed Am I

You Are The Muse


Coming Home

I Know Before Whom I Stand

Soul - Soul on Line

Awakening: Soul Agreements And Divine Set-Ups

You Are The Beloved

Death and Dying - Soul on Line

The Final Miracle

My Beloved Son

Mind / Emotion - God Direct

A Fresh Look At The 12 Steps

From Rage To Love


Feel The Mind - Think The Feelings

Inspiration for Starting and Continuing the Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Sheets - # 4

Divine Love - Soul on Line

More God Thoughts

Divine Father - All Creation Expressing

Divine Mother, Being of Light

A Tribute to Divine Mother

Divine Father

Divine Love Changes Me

Remembering My Divine Mother


Prose - God Direct

You Are God

Heart Meditation On God

I Am A Fully Abundant Being

Everything Is Scared

Passion And Purpose

If God Were One Of Us

Meeting God

"Gods" Of The Childhood Versus God Within

The Practices - # 3 - Give Thanks Unceasingly

A New Place


Prose - Soul on Line

Perfectionism As A Tool Of Transformation

To Inspire And Be Inspired: That Is My Purpose

I Am A Believer

How To Stop Time: Sit In The Silence

Poetry - God Direct


Praise Be To God


On Embracing the Shadow


Poetry - Soul on Line

The Mirror - - Looking At My Inner Child

Being Soul Centered

Puddle Of Love

Breath Of God



Life - God Direct

Eating Consciously

Everything Is A Divine Set-Up

Service Is Being

Shop Til' You Drop And Then What?

My Purpose Here

Kids' Letters To God

Precious One

Remembering Who We Are

Surrender To Love

A Prayer For All Beings


For The Love Of Money

Motherhood and Me


Life - Soul on Line

A Question Of Balance

Please Stop Taking Your Life So Personally

Love Comes In All Sizes And Shapes

Preparing For The Moment

Heaven On Earth

Knowing Truth

Humor - God Direct

God Jokes


Humor - Soul on Line

Wake Up Call



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