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The Practices

#4 Practice The Language Of Light Unceasingly

Soul speaks to us through symbols, images, and words. These make up the Language of Light. Our life is but an endless series of symbols. These symbols will be meaningful to us if viewed from the perspective of Soul. We ask Soul for the meaning behind these symbols. Otherwise we tend to interpret them with our mind. Because ego is fully resident within our mental body, it will color the Truth being given by Soul. Soul can only speak the Love and Wisdom of God Consciousness. Soul speaks from the impersonal, the Big Picture, the "Isness", neutrality, and Love. The Language of Light, which is the language of Soul, reflects all of these qualities.

Soul is the Watcher of our life experience, yet it remains unaffected by any of it. Soul knows only Truth. It holds none of the earth plane illusions. As we continue to practice the Language of Light, we allow for more Soul infusion into our Being, (the four lower bodies, perceptions, thoughts, actions, words, and feelings). We listen to the guidance of Soul. Soul knows the Continuum of Consciousness, Being, Effortlessness, Oneness, Love, Peace, Joy, Divinity, God, and its own Eternalness. The Language of Light also portrays the qualities of inspiration, patience, consistency, creativity, enthusiasm, spontaneity and service of Being.

I know that everything in my life is a symbol. I ask Soul for the meaning behind each symbol (event, person, experience) so that I can know the Truth of "what's really going on." All of this helps me to remain in the impersonal. I no longer need to be reactive. I am no longer at the affect of anyone or anything. Instead, I choose to respond to the guidance of Soul. I speak the Language of Light to others. This creates a connection, not from mind to mind, but Heart to Heart. I choose to live a Soul-Centered life, speaking the Language of Light.


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