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The Practices

#1 Sit In The Silence One Hour Daily

We enter the Serene Center of our Being within our Heart to prepare to Sit in the Silence. Our Soul awaits us there. Soul speaks from the Heart. We Sit in the Silence to have union and communion with our Soul. Sitting in the Silence is the Conscious practice of quieting down the mind and emotions and working with Soul directly. We can hear Soul speaking clearly when we are in Silence, after the mind and feelings calm down. When Sitting in the Silence, thoughts will come up. Instead of engaging them, you simply place them in your Heart. The same with feelings. If feelings come up, simply place them in your Heart. The Silence is not about engaging your thoughts and feelings. Rather, you acknowledge them: I am thinking this thought. I am feeling this feeling. Then you place them in your Heart. With practice, your mind will become still and your feelings quiet.

Sitting in the Silence one hour daily means we make the time and space for ourselves to do the inner work. This way we are not trapped by our day-to-day life experiences. Rather, we look into "what is really going on". This is creation through Being, not doing. Nothing happens, and yet everything happens during this one hour process.

In the beginning, this was not easy for me. I would sit down and become quiet, but my mind would race all over the place. I sat anyway, day after day. One night, about six months later, I felt the energy in my head suddenly drop into my Heart. I saw an image of Kuan-yin (The Healing Goddess) standing in front of me. I saw my energy, my form, becoming one with hers. A tremendous light shone through my whole body. Since then, I find that I cannot wait to sit and experience more such joy. It is a loving way to treat myself: the mind is calmer, the body is well rested and rejuvenated. I feel peace and joy in my Heart.

When Sitting in the Silence, it usually takes awhile to settle down all the thoughts. I surrender to my Soul. I talk to and listen to my Soul. Soul helps me to release all my confusion and go directly to the core issues. The mind becomes quiet and clear. My Heart opens to new possibilities. I feel my alignment with Soul. My personal will (free will) aligns with Divine Will. This energy continues throughout the day.
(See Union And Communion With Your Soul)


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