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Below, you will find a list of writings that relate to the topic above.

Please be aware that there is a sister site associated with God Direct called Soul on Line. Some of the titles below will take you directly to the Soul on Line site. Use your browser's "back" button to return to this site once you have enjoyed the piece.

Please choose a title from the list, click on it, and enjoy!

The Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts - God Direct

Introduction to The Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

#12 - Always Speak The Truth Of Your Heart

#14 - Have The Patience And The Persistence To Practice Your Truth

Mysticism - God Direct

There Is Nowhere To Go

God Thoughts For The Day

Cosmic Concepts


Mystical Musings


Mysticism - Soul on Line

A Drop Of The Ocean: A Mystic's Life

Mystical Words From The Past

A Mystic Asks: Are You Ready?

Blessed Am I

Three Folks


You Are The Muse

I Know Before Whom I Stand

Remembering You Are A Mystic - A Simple Act Made Sacred

Soul - Soul on Line

You Are The Beloved

The Silence

Living My Life Simply: A Soul Quality

Humanity Says/Soul Says

A Soul-Centered Life - I Am Love, The Lover, And The Beloved

Death and Dying - Soul on Line

On Grieving

Mind / Emotion - God Direct

What You Focus On Expands

A Fresh Look At The 12 Steps

Life In Polarity

Have The Patience And Persistence To Practice Your Truth: Self-Love

Feel The Mind - Think The Feelings


You Ask Of Me

Inspiration for Starting and Continuing the Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Sheets - # 3

Inspiration for Starting and Continuing the Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Sheets - # 4

The Big Lie

Next Focus in Divine Consciousness - God Direct

How I Honor, Support, And Take Pride In Myself

Divine Love - Soul on Line

Divine Mother

Know Before Whom You Stand - Divine Mother

Prose - God Direct

You Are God

Everything Is Scared

Conscious Relationship

If God Were One Of Us

Meeting God



Prose - Soul on Line

I Am The Message

To Inspire And Be Inspired: That Is My Purpose

The Transformation

Beauty: My Companion For Life

I'm The Beach Freak

Poetry - God Direct


My Truth


Love Has Many Faces


Poetry - Soul on Line

How Do I Thank You?

Being Soul Centered

The Gift ... A Friend

Silent Song

A Journey Home

Mom's Rocker

Life's Whisper

Why Art

Only One Journey


Everything Is Sacred

Life - God Direct

Showing Up And Being Lovingly Present No Matter What It Looks Like Out There Or Inside Yourself...

Strength And Courage

Six Great Lessons: The Important Things Life Teaches You...

Kids' Letters To God

And Zen Some

A Prayer For All Beings

A Pregnant Woman's Lament (On a Hot August Day)


Life - Soul on Line

The A-Z Of Friendship

Love Comes In All Sizes And Shapes

Embracing Paradox And Polarity In Love

Mom's Shadow And My Dream


The View From Here


Humor - God Direct

35 Great Reasons To Be A Man



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