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The Practices

#6 Make The Calls In The Christ Unceasingly

The Calls in the Christ are a set of declarations made daily to align with the energy of Soul/God Consciousness. The Calls are made prior to Sitting in the Silence, doing the Soul Work, and living Life Consciously. A shift to a higher vibration is immediately apparent once the Calls have been made. All energies which are less than fully aligned with Soul/God Consciousness disperse. One feels in At-one-ment with the God Presence. Making the Calls requires Consciousness and Being fully present in the moment.

I make the Calls unceasingly during the day. This assists me in making a shift from an egoic focus into a God-Centered focus. I am fully present when making the Calls. I feel the Light surrounding me, the Wisdom of the Buddha and the Love of the Christ pouring through me. I feel my Being expand into something which is much greater than myself, greater than I am when I live solely in my ego. As I connect with my Soul/God Consciousness, I receive clarity on any issues in my life. I ask and open to receive this clarity from my Soul.

When I made the Calls over a period of time every day, I began to feel a significant shift in my Consciousness. I became more clear, more present, much less reactive, much less in the drama. I live in my Soul Consciousness. I access Soul through Making the Calls. Having done this for many years now, I feel more fully present in my Life. I am radiating the Love and Joy of my Soul as it expresses through me. Life is more than I ever believed it could be, living in Love and Consciousness from moment to moment. This energy is created by Making of the Calls.
(See Making The Calls- Language of Light Glossary)


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