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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

# 12 - Always Speak The Truth Of Your Heart

In the Serene Center of our Being within our Hearts lies Truth. We access this Truth by surrendering into our Hearts. In its purest form Truth can then express through us as the spoken word, undistorted by the filters of ego. This is our Truth. We are using our Authentic Voice, the voice of our Soul.

Most often, we speak from our little minds; our brains utilize our intellect. Our thoughts are an accumulation of conditioning, injunctions, projections, dogma, interpretations, and information. Truth is found in the Heart. It flows from Soul, the all-knowing aspect of each one of us. Soul holds wisdom and awarenesses that our little minds cannot understand. Soul is beyond logic and rationale. Truth is transcendent. We each hold a unique aspect of Truth, which we have come to share. We are the messenger and the message. Each of us is a distinctive manifestation of God in the physical. Truth is known by the mystic within our Hearts. Truth inspires us, motivates us, and directs us forward in our quest for living consciously. As we share the Truth of our Heart, we speak authentically about what is "real". We hear it for ourselves in the sharing, as do others who are ready to hear it. As we receive Truth, it resonates down into and through us. That which is not Truth is discordant within us. Truth is impersonal and everlasting.

The Truth of our Heart is our own distinctive Truth. We must trust the Truth of our own Being in order to accept another's Truth. When I am in Truth, I can accept the Truth of others. I can incorporate it into my own Truth. An example of this can be found in the vast variety of religious beliefs. If I am able to stand in the Truth of my Heart, then I am able to embrace the beliefs of others. They will not threaten me or my Truth. I will have no need to convert or persuade another to accept my Truth. Truth leaves room for expansion. I can encompass all of another's Truth within my Heart. By standing in the Truth of my Being, and Speaking the Truth of my Heart, I create the freedom to experience all Truth. If I judge another's Truth, I cease to have Truth. I can have no reactivity to another's Truth. When I speak the Truth of my Heart, I do so to inspire, not teach or persuade. It is also important to always reference Soul to see when it is appropriate to speak the Truth of my Heart. I do this by going into the Serene Center of my Being within my Heart and asking Soul, "What is my Truth", and "Is it appropriate to share this Truth at this time." Without hesitation, I follow my Soul guidance.

A pivotal moment occurred for me when I first spoke the Truth of my Heart. I was with my sister and my mother shortly after the death of my father. My sister was coping with daddy's death by acting out in rage. In this instance, her rage was being directed full-barrel at my mother. I could take no more. From a previously unknown resource deep within me, I firmly stated to my sister, "You will not now or ever again, speak to our mother that way!" Never before I was able to confront my sister, whom I idolized. A newfound self-assurance came with this authentic voice. I spoke the Truth of my Heart. My words might sound controlling but, in truth, they were the most loving words, coming directly from My Heart. It was a wake-up call for all three of us to look at what was really going on. Speaking this Truth was the beginning of my developing fully into the unique and distinctive person I am now in my Awakening.

I have come to recognize that this resource deep within myself is Soul. This experience prompted me to pay more attention to, and take more guidance from this source of wisdom and Love. I passionately love my Soul and God, which I am.


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