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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

#11 - Show Up And Be Lovingly Present No Matter What It Looks Like Out There Or Inside Yourself

It takes great spiritual muscle and God Presence to be able to "show up".

Means being fully Conscious and present with whatever is happening at any given moment
Means seeing beyond the drama and carrying God Consciousness everywhere you go
Means not being seduced by the illusion, but having compassion and full awareness of the Big Picture in each moment
Means embracing your ego and the others' ego
Means not being in reaction to anything or anyone
Means accepting Divine Order and releasing your personal agenda
Means accepting your humanity and the other's humanity
Means accepting your Divinity and the other's Divinity
Is the state of Being
Is to be Love
Is to open the door to the Divine so that others may walk through
Is to not create separation between what is going on inside you and what is going on outside you
Is full awareness of God Which You Are
Is "holding the space" so that others may experience themselves in loving acceptance
Is the breath of God flowing through all of life
Is to allow Soul to guide you unceasingly
Is working the energy around our unfinished mommy/daddy business
Is the Continuum of Consciousness
Is taking spontaneous action with Soul guidance
Is standing in the longest line at the supermarket purposefully

Means being in a state of acceptance
Means living in a state of gratitude
Means not having a personal agenda
Means living from Soul Awareness
Means expressing the Love in your Heart
Means being focused in the Now
Is our natural state of Being
Is setting aside the ego
Is living from your Truth
Is not taking things personally
Is seeing the Big Picture
Is being Love

Means whatever is happening outside yourself
Means whatever experience you are having
Means whatever events are taking place
Means wherever you are
Means now
Means filtering through your senses
Is the illusion we call reality
Is very seductive
Is a reflection of what you are experiencing within
Is the challenge of living a human existence

Means your thoughts and feelings
Means filtering through your senses
Means your personal history
Is your identity/ego personality
Is mirrored by what is outside
Is how you see yourself
Is your egoic attachments

For me, this is one of the most challenging aspects of my Awakening. To Be Lovingly Present when my buttons are getting pushed is a monumental undertaking. Just about all of me struggles with staying present and loving at these moments. I am not always able or willing to do this because my ego wants to have its way. It wants to hurt those who have hurt me. To make them pay for the pain I believe they have caused me. However, I know that no one else is really doing anything to me. But still I want to strike out at them because it is easier than to admit that I am causing all of my own pain and reaction. We teach there is no one outside of ourselves that does anything to us, ever. By being Conscious and working on this over and over again in the inchworm fashion, it does get easier. Slowly but surely, I am Showing Up And Being Lovingly Present No Matter What It Looks Like Out There Or Inside Myself. My ego is releasing its hold over me. I am changing. I am remembering who I am - LOVE.


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