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Being - the state of I Am. It has nothing to do with doing. Being is a state of Isness. It is complete in and of itself. It is not action. However, any action that comes out of Being is done Consciously and with great purpose. To be present. To move beyond the illusions of time and space is Being. It is Eternity and the Moment and the Watcher all combined. (see Eternity, Moment, Watcher)


Beyond The Beyond - a description of moving in Consciousness past previous limits; beyond what has been thought of, dreamt of, hoped for, or desired.


Big Picture, The - is taking everything into account and seeing the interconnectedness of all things. Going beyond the dramas and illusions of the ego to the perspective of the Soul. Soul "sees" things from a larger frame of reference, which is all inclusive.
 Lite meaning: For example, the ego perceives all situations: people, places, and things from the street level only. Soul, in contrast, sees everything from the top of Mount Everest and the street level in simultaneity.


Bodhisattva - one who, out of compassion, forgoes Nirvana for the sake of service to others; this service is about Being, rather than doing. (see Avatar)


Bodies - refers to the 4 lower bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Within these 4 bodies are different planes. For example: the physical body has the physical-physical plane, the physical-emotional plane, the physical-mental plane, and the physical-spiritual plane within it. (see diagram)

Spiritual BodyDescending Vibration of Four Lower Bodies
Spiritual Spiritual Plane
Spiritual Mental Plane
Spiritual Emotional Plane
Spiritual Physical Plane

Mental Body
Mental Spiritual Plane
Mental Mental Plane
Mental Emotional Plane
Mental Physical Plane

Emotional Body
 Emotional Spiritual Plane
 Emotional Mental Plane
 Emotional Emotional Plane
 Emotional Physical Plane
Physical Body
Physical Spiritual Plane
Physical Mental Plane
Physical Emotional Plane
Physical Physical Plane

Buddhic Awareness - a particular vibrational awareness of the Soul expressing Divine Compassion and Divine Detachment as pure Awareness. It contains none of the egoic functions. (see egoic functions)


Business of the Business - taking care of the nuts and bolts aspects of all earth plane activity; the basics of doing business; that which needs to happen to be successful in the exterior realm of life.



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