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Union and Communion with Your Soul

Step 1.
Sit quietly in a comfortable upright position, with your feet flat on the floor, your spine easily erect, and your chest expanded. Breathe. Quiet your mind of its daily chatter. Listen to your Heart beat and surrender to your gentle breathing. Now enter into the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart. Remain quietly within the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart.

If you are constantly moving from this place of serene quiet back into your mind with its endless tapes, thoughts, and chatter, it would be appropriate for you to do an "elevator exercise". The purpose of this "elevator exercise" is to assist your surrender into the quiet peace of your Serene Center.

Close your eyes. In your mind, see the elevator doors. They are open. Step inside the elevator, and see the heart-shaped button. Push the heart-shaped button and ride the elevator down until it gently comes to its complete stop. The doors will open, and you will find yourself deep within the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart.

Once you are able to maintain your Consciousness within the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart, you are ready for the next Step.

Step 2.

See the doorway which is the entrance into the Inner Planes. In order to enter into the Inner Planes you will need to leave all your egoic energy behind. Remember the six functions of the ego are: Judgment/Criticism, Control/Manipulation, Protection/Defense...all are fear-based. Fear is the withholding of Love from yourself and usually another.

Pass through the doorway into the Inner Planes.
Once you have entered into the Inner Planes, your Soul is awaiting you. Your Soul is whole and complete. Your Soul is absolute Love. Your Soul is nurturing, supporting, loving Consciousness. You will experience your Soul as Loving Presence. You will then enter into union and communion with your Soul.

Step 3.

Thus far, you have entered into the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart; you have entered the doorway into the Inner Planes; you have known union and communion with your Soul and have experienced Divine Consciousness. Yet, as you bring this Divine Consciousness into the mind, (your mental body), guess who is waiting there? Your ego!

The ego is wily and crafty. It seeks power, and feeds upon our needs, wants, and desires. Its only purpose is to catapult us into all the negative thoughts, feelings, words, and actions that 'run' our daily lives. The ego 'runs' us 24 hours a day, unceasingly. It is tireless, relentless. The ego is an expert at both covert and overt forms of: Judgment/Criticism, Control/Manipulation, Protection/Defense, all fear-based. This is all it knows. The ego is fully resident in all four of our lower bodies: i.e. our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

Your ego will take this Divine Consciousness and play with it, manipulate it, disguise it, to make it its own. Guess who is waiting in your Spiritual body, your Emotional body, and your Physical body? Your ego!

In order to bring this Divine Energy through clearly, without manipulation from your ego, you must do the following:
a.) Unceasingly enter into the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart throughout the day and night.
b.) Be relentless in your practice of entering into the Inner Planes and being with your Soul.
c.) Continue "The Work" of removing the veils within all four of your lower bodies that have been created by the ego to manipulate the Divine Energy. (These veils include all your unfinished Mommy/Daddy business, negative reactivity, and the "No" of the Collective Consciousness.)
By doing the above steps, you can begin to bring Divine Energy through from Soul, without any changes at all.

Step 4.

Our Soul is actively communicating with us every moment of our waking and sleeping states. Through our union and communion with Soul, we know states of creativity, enthusiasm, spontaneity, love, joy, and peace, (to name a few). Our Soul will speak to us any time we choose to enter into the Serene Center of our Being within our Hearts, and enter the doorway into the Inner Planes.

By having the patience and persistence to practice your Truth of referencing your Soul unceasingly, you will be referencing your Soul in every single decision throughout the day. Your Soul will actively bring to you many Divine Set-Ups. Your Soul will guide you perfectly. You will receive from Soul that which is appropriate for you. Your Soul will reveal to you the Truth of your Being. Remember, we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

Soul communicates through the Language of Light. The Language of Light is primarily expressed through images and symbols. When you are communicating with your Soul, you will receive many images and symbols. Once you see these images and symbols clearly, ask your Soul to give you the meaning behind these images and symbols. It is this meaning behind the symbols that brings you into direct alignment with Divine Consciousness.

Remember, your Soul is:
Love/Isness/Neutrality/ Impersonal/the 'Big Picture'.



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