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Once You Name It, You Can Change It - in order to break a negative habit or pattern, it is necessary to first move out of denial. Then, you can name it. Example: "I feel angry." Naming it brings it to Consciousness. You are then at choice: to keep the negative pattern or begin changing your negative thoughts, feelings, or behaviors around the negative pattern. (see Steps to Change a Negative Feeling to Love)

Oversoul PictureOversoul - the name given to the Big Picture of Soul. It is the Totality of all the Soul fragments (see the diagram). Each line coming down from the Oversoul is a Soul fragment. Each of these Soul fragments represents some aspect of the larger Oversoul. One line is a present lifetime. Other lines are simultaneous past lives. Another line is Christ Consciousness. Another is Buddhic Awareness. Another is the ability to "see" on the Inner Planes. Others are the extended realms of Consciousness, and so on.


Overt - external, negative behaviors that arise from all ego functions. It is the ego-personality and all literal, negative behaviors from childhood. These behaviors are present in all 4 of the lower bodies. These external, negative behaviors have maintained survival from childhood to the present time. (see Covert)


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