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Vibrations - energy oscillations that fluctuate rapidly; everything is vibration in form and formlessness. The more dense the form, the slower the vibration, example: ice - very slow vibration, water - moderate vibration, and air - very fast vibration.


To Raise the Vibration Up or Change Yourself and Your Life:
1. In as few words as possible, speak the drama.
2. What changes am I willing to make in myself and my life to change my reality and not have to repeat the same drama?
3. Ask for the vibration to be raised and speak the Truth of what you are willing to change in yourself or your life.
4. What does my inner guidance, my Soul, say?
5. What is really going on here?
6. What level of responsibility am I taking for this?
7. Why have I created this?
8. Do I want to change? yes___ no___
9. If the answer to #8 is yes, then you will need to have the patience and persistence to practice this new Truth.
10. To move out of inertia or stuckness, you will need to find something or someone which inspires you. Inspiration is the key to Self-motivation, which will ultimately free you from inertia. A Self-motivated person is the creator of their own reality rather than being created by circumstances or individuals outside themselves. They are proactive rather than reactive.


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