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The Circle Of Rage

The ego functions are: judgement/criticism, control/manipulation, protection/defense - all fear-based. Fear is the withholding of Love from yourself and usually another. What is the underlying energy beneath the fear? What feeds fear? Rage is the underlying energy beneath fear. It feeds the fear. They cycle into one another like a cyclone - swirling together and fueling each other. The ego feels very powerful when it is rage-filled. Rage seems to take on a life of its own - beyond our control. We don't know what we'll say or do next - it's not up to us…or so it seems.

When we are enraged we often move into a state of depression. When we are outraged, it may look like extreme anger. Enraged feels like a shut-down of energy, a deep suppression of all feelings. While outrage can feel very active, energized, and powerful. Both enrage and outrage are negative reactions to feeling "not enough."

There is a specific pattern that rage typically follows:

The Circle of Rage


Whenever we have a negative reaction to any event, circumstance, person, place, or thing, we move back and forth, around, and within this Circle of Rage. The negative childhood rules and admonitions from our parents imprinted us with a feeling of not being enough. Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, not talented enough, just not good enough. Our frustration at this "inadequacy" and the sense of futility it leads to, simply fuels the Rage. This Rage is usually directed at ourselves, as well as at others or at a particular situation.

This negative reaction toward anything, or anyone, moves us into shame, guilt, blame, suffering, and depression. We re-visit the negative feelings from our childhood. Judgment and criticism rear their fierce energy up from our ego. These negative sensations from within us act as a supply source for the Rage.

The more we are held captive by our Rage, the more we are taken back into the negative feelings of not being enough and into shame, guilt, blame, suffering, and depression. It is a vicious cycle. We stay in the cycle with our unconscious, negative, reactive living. To shift out of this cycle, we need only bring our Consciousness to it. Bringing the person or situation into the Serene Center of our Being within our Heart and embracing it with Love. This raises the vibration immediately, shifting the Rage, a heavy, dense, slow vibration, into Love, an expanded, heightened, light vibration. We create change - the raising of the present vibration into a higher vibration in an upward spiraling pattern. As out of control as Rage feels, it is not the Truth of our Being. We always have choice, but only when we bring our Consciousness and our Love to it.


Next Piece in the Series 
Next Piece in the Series



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