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Inspiration for Starting and Continuing the Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Sheets - # 2

What inspired me to start the Next Focus Sheets was the desire to reveal my shadow and thereby liberate my ego from shame. I was inspired by having a methodology to investigate my unfinished mommy/daddy business and clear it through the deep understanding and integration of the Soul Perspective. My Self-Love and commitment to doing The Work provided the inspiration to continue my pursuit when I hit the "deep shadow" of my ego.

As a result of doing the Next Focus Sheets, I have a much greater psychological understanding of how the ego works; particularly how ego is addicted to suffering and is fueled by the negative power of rage. I now can ask myself key questions such as, "What is the payoff for continuing this stuck pattern, or negative reaction?" Naming the payoff is very important. The playing out in my head and body of "the worst end scenario" is a way of feeling the egoic perspective. Now, I have greater compassion for others in their dramas. My understanding has helped me guide others out of their triangulations and stuckness. Most of all, I have deeply fallen in Love with my humanity. Through that I have deepened my connection with Soul. The work on the Soul Perspective has opened my creativity. It has re-awakened the mystical writer within my Heart. I have come into my Authentic Voice (the Voice of Soul) which arises from an inner sense of Love and authority.

I am referencing Soul more consistently. As a result, my Self-Love has greatly deepened. I am so much more accepting of my intimate friends. I am able to be in Love without losing myself in them. My ability to be in the "Isness" of each moment has also increased.


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Previous Piece in the Series Next Piece in the Series


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