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Inspiration for Starting and Continuing the Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Sheets - # 3

To live an exalted life of Love, to be moved by my Soul in every moment: this is my inspiration. To become an empty vessel through which the Divine speaks: this is my joy. To be so in Love and one with myself and others that there is nothing else. This is my relentless passion and pursuit. I have discovered that my reason for Being is to inspire and be inspired. How simple the realization and yet how profound. I have begun to realize that it is only in truly loving and honoring myself that I can Love and honor others. I had always believed that giving Love to oneself was selfish. Now I experience quite the opposite. It is selfish not to share your Love with yourself. I have experienced intimately how the denial of Self-Love fosters resentment and jealousy…two very powerful fortresses which are impeccable at keeping Love out. I have lived the illusion of separation as a result of not sharing myself with those I love. I have kept others at arm's length. Being a suicide survivor, I now know that the answer is no, absolutely not. I will not withhold my Love. I choose Love.

Now that I have stared death in the face, I choose to live life fully engaged and open to the Divine Order of everything. My life is about embracing the shadow and walking in the Light. The Next Focus In Divine Consciousness Worksheets are all about taking the incredible journey into the exploration of the Big Lie: I am unworthy, not enough, and separate. There is a moment when the choice becomes whether to believe the Big Lie or the Truth: I am worthy, I am enough, I am one with everything and everyone. I am Love. The Next Focus Sheets are a powerful tool which can open new doorways to Self-Realization. But only if you are willing to do The Work. To take an honest look at yourself and transform self-loathing into Self-Love. This task may not be easy, yet it is simple. It requires a willingness to take responsibility for your life. Breaking out of the triangle of victim, persecutor, savior, and choosing to create your life from God, which you are. True, this is a leap of Faith for all of us, given our negative patterning. But what a worthwhile expenditure of time and energy. There is no other place I'd rather be than IN Love.

The Next Focus Sheets provided the space for me to write about what I could never share with another human being…that which would keep you from loving me. Speaking the unspeakable. Through the written word, I was able to embrace my shame and feel compassion for myself and others. As a result of this, I am now able to make a distinction between the Big Lie and the Truth - who I really am. I recognize my mommy/daddy patterns more readily. I am at a new level of choice with regards to making changes in my life and in myself that reflect who I really am. I am learning to choose Love when all I ever chose before was fear. Because I walked through my shadow bringing Consciousness to it, I am now able to see the Light. I am discovering who I really am. I am enjoying the adventure as I go, surrendering to Divine Love and Divine Order. My Soul is my muse, coming through me in poetry and prose. Soul enfolds the human condition with Love, Compassion, and Joy. I am learning how to Love myself. My Love for others is growing in every moment. My life is a miracle. I thank God that I lived to share it, transforming fear into Love.


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Previous Piece in the Series Next Piece in the Series


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