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Showing Up And Being Lovingly Present No Matter What It Looks Like Out There Or Inside Yourself…

is loving someone whether or not they love you back.
is opening your heart to a roomful of strangers.
is loving yourself warts and all.
is being outrageous no matter who is watching.
is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
is giving all of yourself freely without concern of how you are received.
is being willing to stand alone so that you might stand fully with others.
is letting the world see the depths of your humanity and the heights of your Divinity.
is finding strength in your vulnerability.
is knowing that you are never actually vulnerable because the love which you are cannot be hurt or destroyed.
is loving others, warts and all.
is facing your worst fears and self doubts only to find that they were never real in the first place.
is being at peace with the worst end scenario.
is saying "yes!" to life and to love.
is being at peace when others say "no."
is standing in the face of rejection and harmfulness and saying, "Thank you, thank you, you have shown me where I still do not love."
is speaking your Truth, harmlessly and directly.
is celebrating your level of growth and mastery, wherever you are.
is standing in the presence of another saying, "I am here. I see you as who you are and I am here."
is living in total trust, no matter what it looks like.



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