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Love Or Fear

What would you say if I told you that there is only Love or Fear?


You might start out by thinking that I am off my rocker. That's ok. I am. I fell off the rocker a while ago. This is why I now know that there is only Love or fear. This is not a knowing that is of the mind. Oh no, this knowing comes straight from the Heart. Love is levity, openness, vulnerability, and ecstasy. Fear is false experience appearing real and the withholding of Love from yourself and usually another. You see, either you are coming from a place of expansion and freedom: Love; or you are coming from a place of contraction and bondage: fear. It may not appear to be that simplistic. Yet, it is the ego conscious mind that loves to make things difficult and convoluted so as to confuse us.

Try this out. Think a thought, any thought. How did it feel to think that thought? Did you feel open and alive, or shut down and afraid? Let's take a step back for a moment. Who created the thought in the first place? Yes, the answer is you. Now if you created that particular thought, it goes to follow that you create all of your thoughts, correct? Now hopefully we are on the same page. So if you are creating your thoughts and there is only Love or fear, what type of thoughts do you want to create. Remember you are the creator of your life. You have the free will to choose Love or fear. Which would you prefer? Now this is a tricky question given that most of us live in fear most of the time. Living in fear can be quite comfortable and safe. Why choose the unknown, possibly uncomfortable, feeling of Love over the known safe feeling of fear?

For me the answer lies in another question: Do I want to live my life or live my death? Given that I am a suicide survivor who now chooses to live my life from a place of Conscious gratitude, I choose to live my life to the fullest. I have already lived my death to the 'max' in total fear and denial. I have a very distinct knowing of the difference between living my death and living my life. I took fear to the limit. It is a blessing that I am alive. I chose to live so that I could live in Love. Now I know when I am living in fear and when I am living in Love. When I experience fear, I can choose to fully surf the wave of sadness, anger, suffering, or whatever negative feeling comes up. Interestingly enough, when I embrace the fear in my Heart, I return naturally to a place of Love. I feel fear in my gut as a tightening, restricting sensation. When I am in Love my Heart feels open. There is a warm glow within. There is a knowing that all is right with my world. When I am in Love there is no judgment/criticism, protection/defense, or control/manipulation. I am in a state of surrender to Divine Order and Divine Love. I am not concerned with the past or the future. I am living in the present moment where there is no time or space, simply Love and the 'sweet ease'. I see everything and everyone as Love. Of course it takes a great deal of practice to live in a state of Love. But, what other state of Being would I want to live in? My practice is to embrace my fear and choose Love. With each new day, my spiritual muscle grows stronger. My journey in life becomes more miraculous. Now I Consciously choose Love over fear. What do you choose?



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