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My Stairway To Heaven

Writing is my stairway to Heaven

The song of Silence within my Heart

Soul-infused, I am enraptured by the spark of God


I am one with the dance of all creation

Time and space are my lovers

Inspiration, my muse


Within the Silence of my Heart

I commune with the Divine

Infilled with the rhapsody of angelic voice


I am lost to the passion of the moment

Suspended in a cocoon of Grace

Awaiting God's symphony of Love


Peace of mind and a grateful Heart

Deliver me to the heights of ecstasy

I am surrounded by Love and Light


As my hands dance effortlessly on the page,

Words appear as the formless is birthed into form

A prayer of thanksgiving, a blessing made manifest


At last my secret Love

No longer a secret remains

I celebrate the artist within


As an instrument of Divine Will,

An emissary of Love,

A receptacle for the breath of God,


I am blessed beyond all measure

Living as God, which I am

My purpose sublime, my gift Divine



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