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Psychology Of Triangulation

I would like to share with you the energy around Psychological Triangulation. This has to do with negative feelings, negative thoughts, and negative actions. I will refer to this as the "No" of Collective Consciousness, our unfinished Mommy/Daddy business, and Negative Love Patterns. In our childhood, we were deeply imprinted with the negative and positive characteristics of both our Mother and Father. As a result of the negative patterning, we have buttons that are well planted within us by them. If we have not uncovered these buttons and begun their removal, we can say they are still active within us. If these buttons are still in place, we have unfinished Mommy/Daddy business. This unfinished Mommy/Daddy business expresses itself as negative reaction. When we react, (negatively), we are resisting. When we are reacting and resisting, we are in Triangulation. The triangle has three different points to it. They are Savior, Persecutor, and Victim. Whenever you are reacting, (negatively), to something or someone, you are in at least one of the positions. Usually the Persecutor is the something or someone outside yourself, that is pushing your button. What you are doing is transferring or projecting your unfinished Mommy/Daddy business onto that someone or something. So, it is important that we recognize, in each negative reaction that we have, where we are standing in the triangle. Usually we find ourselves in the Victim position. The Persecutor may also be our Savior. Can you guess what my favorite position is in the triangle? It is Savior, of course! In my childhood, I watched my Mother trying to save all of us. I watched my Father take the position of the Persecutor; my Savior was the dance/Art. Later, the Savior became my Spiritual Path.

It is taking responsibility for each position in the triangle that allows us to grow and change. Most of us do not want to admit that we are the Persecutor in the triangle. Most of us are in denial that we are the Victim in the triangle. Most of us love standing in the righteous position of the Savior. I encourage you to look deeply into each of these roles and see which ones you resonate with.

As you fill out the "Next Focus in Divine Consciousness" sheet, you will be describing the Divine Set-Up. The Divine Set-Up is that which the Divine has brought to you, so that you may bring Consciousness to your unfinished Mommy/Daddy business, all your negative reactivity, and resistance. We cannot change it until we can name it. I have found that working with Triangulation is an excellent way to name it.

The time will come when we will have no need to triangulate at all. We will be so clear that nothing will affect us any longer. We will be in Neutrality, the position between all Polarities.

On your "Next Focus in Divine Consciousness" worksheet, in Section #4, Realizations; you will see the sub-section b. Psychological Perspective: In this section, you may find that you need to draw more than one triangle and put yourself in different positions in them, in order to express all that is going on within the Divine Set-Up.

Please remember, even though the Divine Set-Up may involve another person, it is always about you. They are just standing forth to take the position in the triangle that you need to learn about within yourself. They are a gift to you. These are the teachers we have asked for.


Next Piece in the Series 
Next Piece in the Series



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