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The Victim's Payoff

Don't need to take responsibility.
Don't need to worry about affability.
Don't have to show up.
It's OK to blow up.
Don't have to do your share.
Don't have to care.

Always have an excuse.
Can always say it's no use.
Others don't expect as much of you.
Never let anything really 'touch' you.
Can live in anger and rage.
Excuse that you can't make a decent wage.

Can live your life blaming others.
Shaming fathers, shaming mothers.
Don't have to fix your life.
Don't have to please your husband or wife.

Don't need to expect yourself to get ahead.
A frequent excuse: "Can't get outta bed".
Keeping a familiar pattern alive,
Triangulation was how we learned to survive.

Being a victim can fill the time.
Keeps the drama moving online.
Giving up the drama, getting off the stage.
What to do with all that rage?

Breakdown the triangle,
No victims perceive.
We stand in neutrality
In the new web we weave.


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