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We come to the Earth Plane to learn through Polarity. This means that everything has a polar opposite.

Let me name some of the Polarities for you:


These are but a few of the thousands of Polarities that exist. This week, sit down and create a list of twenty polarities that exist in your emotional body/feeling level. Often you will find the polar opposite of a negative feeling will be a Soul quality.

Most of us spend the entire embodiment in the negative pole of thought, feeling, word, and action. You were imprinted with this by your mothers and fathers and all the generations before them. The negative pole, as you can see, is very powerful. The only thing more powerful than the negative pole is Love. It is the Love of self that allows you to recognize the opposite pole of positive energy. You are all masters of the negative pole. What you have not mastered is the positive pole. The reason for this is that you have not loved yourselves enough to move out of the negative pole. The negative pole literally keeps you paralyzed by its power. You have all been trapped in the inertia of the negative pole. This is a Divine Set-Up. Divine Order is always in place. You needed to master the negative pole, so when the positive pole is offered, you would have the opportunity to say, "Yes!"

Humanity believes that the negative pole is the only option. The Collective Consciousness is ruled by the word, "NO." It also has the capacity for two more words, "HELP ME!" The ego hears, "Help Me" as a sign of weakness and death. The Soul hears the words, "Help Me," and knows that the individual may now be ready to begin the practice of "Yes."

In the coming months the "Yes" will become more powerful. With relentless practice, you will come to the Third position. The negative and positive poles present the First and Second positions. The Third position is between the two poles in all polarities. This position is "Neutrality/Isness." When you are in Neutrality/Isness, you are no longer at the affect of anything. Nothing affects you to the degree that you must move to one or the other of the polarities. Instead, you open your Heart and embrace all polarities in their "Isness." For now it is appropriate that you move back and forth between the polarities so that you can learn at the feeling level what it is like to move back and forth
between the "No" and the "Yes".

In moving back and forth between the polarities, you will need momentum to move out of the negative pole. This momentum has a name. It is Love. It is the practice of Self-Love that creates enough momentum to move out of the negative pole of inertia, and into the positive pole of change. Your spiritual muscle is developed each time you choose Self-Love. You will be using The Esoteric Teaching:

"Have the patience and persistence to practice your Truth".

It takes stamina, strength, courage, and unceasing Love of Self, to do The Work. Eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water, sleep fully, and laugh out loud at least one time every day. Please remember, one of the great Teachings: "This is all illusion, anyway."



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