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Negative Feelings

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Abandoned Despair Helpless Pressured
Absorbed Desperate Hesitant Provoked
Abused Despised Hindered Put down
Abysmal Despondent Homesick Puzzled
Adamant Destroyed Hopeless Ragged
Afraid Destructive Horrible Rancorous
Aggravated Devalued Horrified Rebuked
Agitated/Ion Devastated Hostile Regretful
Agony Devilish Humdrum Rejected
Alarm/Ed Different Humiliated Reluctant/Ance
Alienated Diffident Hurt Repelled
Alone Diminished Hypocritical Resentful
Aloof Dirty Hypnotized Restless
Ambivalent Disagreeable Hysterical Revengeful
Angry Disappointed Ignored Revoked
Angst Discontented Ill at ease Ridiculed
Anguish Discouraged Impaired Ridiculous
Animosity Discredited Impatient Rotten
Annoyed Disgraced Imposed upon Ruined
Anxious Disgruntled Impotent Run down
Apathetic Disgusted Imprisoned Sad
Apprehensive Disheartened Inadequate Scared
Ashamed Dishonored Incapable Scarred
Aversion Disillusioned Incompetent Scummy
Awful Disinterested Indifferent Secretive
Awkward Dislike Ineffective Selfish
Bad Dismal Inept Sensitive
Baffled Dismayed Inert Shaky
Bashful Disorganized Infatuated Shamed/Ful
Battered Disparate Inferior Shocked
Beat Dispassionate Inflamed Sickened
Belittled Displeased Infuriated Sinful
Belligerent Dispossessed Insecure Skeptical
Below par Disquieted Insensitive Slandered
Bereaved Disrespected Insignificant Sorrowful
Bereft Dissatisfied Intense Sorry
Betrayed Distant In the dumps Sour
Bewildered Distracted Intimidated Spiritless
Bitter Distraught Intoxicated Spiteful
Blah Distressed Involved Startled
Blue Distrusted/Ful Irate Stressed
Bored Disturbed Irked Suspicion/Ous
Bottled up Dominated Irritated Swamped
Branded Done for Isolated Tearful
Breathless Doubted/Ful Jealous Tense
Broken Downcast Jilted Tenuous
Brokenhearted Downhearted Jittery Tepid
Burdened Downtrodden Jumpy Terrible
Callus Dread/Ful Lassitude Terrified
Captivated Drugged Laughed at Threatened
Careless Dubious Lazy Thwarted
Cast off Dull Lecherous Tired
Cavalier Dumb Left Out Tormented
Chagrined Edgy Let-Down Touched
Cheap/Ened Embarrassed Lethargy Toxic
Cheated Embittered Listless Troubled
Choked Empty Loathing Uncertain
Clever Enraged Lonely Uncomfortable
Cold Envious Longing Uncooperative
Cold-hearted Erotic Lost Underrated
Combative Evil Low Uneasy
Competitive Exasperated Lustful Unglued
Complacent Excluded Mad Unhappy
Compulsive Exhausted Maligned Unimportant
Concerned Exiled Mean Unloved/Able
Condemned Explosive Melancholy Unnerved
Conflicted Exposed Miffed Unqualified
Confused Fatigued Miserable Unsatisfied
Conspicuous Fawning Mistreated Unsteady
Constrained Fear/Ful Misunderstood Unsure
Contrite Fidgety Mopey Unworthy
Cool Fitful Moved Upset
Crazy Flighty Naughty Uptight
Crazed Flustered Needed Used
Credulous Foolish Neglected Vacant
Creepy Forfeited Nervous Vexed/Ation
Criticized Forgotten Nettled Victimized
Cross Forlorn Numb Vile
Crude Forsaken Nutty Vulnerable
Cruel Fragile Obsessed Washed up
Crushed Frantic Obsolete Weak
Culpable Frightened Offended Weary
Dead Frozen On edge Whipped
Debased Frustrated Oppressed Wicked
Deceitful Furious Ostracized Withdrawn
Defeated Fury Outraged Woeful
Deficient Futile Overlooked Worried
Deflated Gloomy Overwhelmed Worthless
Dejected Greedy Panicky Wounded
Demoralized Grief Paralyzed Wrecked
Denounced Grounded Passive Wretched
Depraved Guilty Pathetic Yearning
Depreciated Gullible Perplexed Zealous
Depressed Harsh Pessimism/Tic
Deprived Hate/Ful Petrified
Derooted Hatred Pompous
Desolate Heavy Powerless


Self-abuse Self-destruct Self-hatred Self-possessed
Self-centered Self-destruction Self-incriminate Self-putrification
Self-complacent Self-distrust Self-indulgence Self-reproach
Self-contradict Self-doubt Self-inflicted Self-righteous
Self-control Self-driven Self-involved Self-rule
Self-critical Self-effacing Self-judging Self-sacrifice
Self-deceit Self-enforcing Self-justifying Self-tainted
Self-defeated Self-exiled Self-limiting
Self-defense Self-flagellation Self-loathing
Self-denial Self-hardening Self-pity


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