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What You Focus On Expands

There are Truths that are active and Conscious in my life. "What you focus on expands" is one of those Truths. Another way to say this is "Energy flows where attention goes." I find I must be vigilant to keep the energy of my life flowing toward what I really want my life to reflect: Love.

I have a friend who, when sharing her experiences, uses the words "awful" and "terrible" consistently in her vocabulary. Her life reflects awful and terrible. Her daily drama revolves around her negative judgment of people and events that are, in her evaluation, awful or/and terrible.

What she focuses on comes true over and over and over. Her existence is awful/terrible as a result of her self-talk and "others" talk. She was asked to eliminate these two words from her speech while she was on vacation. Upon her return the first sentence out of her mouth had the words "awful" and "terrible."

Patterns, such as overusing these negative adjectives, are deeply engrained and tend to be the reality of the person using them. Changing the habit of including these negative words in describing what is going on in the person's world is possible only if the person can recognize this insidious negative energy. Beyond recognizing the pattern, the person needs to be willing to take responsibility for changing the pattern.

Asked again if she could delete awful/terrible from her vocabulary, she honestly doubts that she can change. She still believes her language expresses her truth. It does express her negative truth about herself and her perception of life. Until she is willing to release her resistance to change, she will be stuck in awful/terrible. The expansion of awful/terrible becomes her self-fulfilling prophecy. She sees everything through the awful/terrible filter.

She has persisted in this pattern ever since she learned it from her first "Gods" - her parents. They planted the seed of awful/terrible by example, tone of voice, and replaying of their own awful/terrible events. Her parents learned this from their parents. The cycle is broken only when one brings Consciousness to the negative pattern.

Consciousness of a negative pattern is possible by taking several practical steps:
Be aware of and name the negative pattern.
Embrace the negative pattern.
Decide if you want to keep or change the negative pattern.
If you decide to change the negative pattern, place it in your Heart.
Take responsibility for creating a new positive pattern and changing the old negative pattern.
Commit to changing the negative pattern.
Be patient and persistent in practicing the new positive pattern. This means choosing the positive pattern each time the old negative pattern appears.

Any negative habit or pattern that has us "hooked" is a powerful negative force in our lives. It has a huge payoff for us. A payoff so powerful it is more important to us than our desire to change. The payoff is ego's way of staying in control.

Soul is our partner in this change from the negative to the positive. When faced with bringing a negative situation into Consciousness, I enter the Silence and ask Soul to teach me how to change. Soul gives me practical, earth plane suggestions to follow. I might be told to pay attention to negative words in my speech. I may be shown how to interact with people who have triggered my negative thoughts or actions. Soul guides me to "choose the positive opposite". Consciously choosing the opposite is the beginning of changing the negative into the positive. Having the commitment to continue focusing on this new opposite energy is a Conscious choice. As days go by, and the commitment is positive, the change in perception is also positive. By calling on Soul, change is possible.

By focusing on positive energy we have an opportunity to experience creativity, enthusiasm, spontaneity, simplicity, peace, joy, Love and positive change. What we focus on DOES expand.


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