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God Thoughts For The Day

Do you see God in everything?
Do you hear God's voice in every song you sing?
Do you know God in each person that you meet?
Do you experience God in the bitter and the sweet?

Do you feel God's presence everywhere?
In the sea and in the air?
In the movement and the stillness
Do you feel God's fullness?

I am the door and God is the key.
God is the Love that opens me.
God is the breath that breathes me.
God is never apart from me.

I want to live my life as a prayer.
Treating all things as sacred and with care.
Loving the presence of God within me with passion.
Loving all sentient beings in like fashion.

I am here so briefly on the earthplane.
Let me live fully and with joy, not worry or strain.
Let me feel the breeze upon my face,
Let me feel all my feelings in a Conscious embrace.
Let me hear every sound of joy and of sorrow.
Let me live without fear of today or tomorrow.

Let me live in Consciousness of God opening me, breathing me, moving me, freeing me, seeing me, surrounding me, abounding in me. God and I are One.

God is.
God is.
God is Love.
God is Love.
I am Love.
I am Love.
I am God.
I am God.
Everything is God.
Everything is God.



Do you know who you are?
Do you know who I am?
I am a reflection of you and you of me.
You are Love.
If you trust that,
you will see it reflected back to you in everything,
Which is God, which is Love.
I am Love.
If you trust that,
you will see it in me and know it in yourself.
You cannot see something in another that is not in yourself.


God is. God is Love. I am Love. I am God. Everything is God.



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