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Cells - the holographic, microcosmic units of which the human body is composed.


Cellular Consciousness - the awareness of Being in each cell; the Presence of the Divine in each cell. Each cell is holographic in nature. Hence, the Consciousness carried in each cell is the Consciousness of All That Is, God.
 Lite meaning: prison mentality.


Chakra - refers to the ancient energy centers or vortices through which Divine energy flows into the 4 lower bodies; (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) from Spirit.


Change - an aspect of Love, going from the present vibration to a higher vibration in a upward spiraling pattern.


Channel of Light - the pathway through which Love (energy) flows from Spirit into the human embodiment. Encompasses the ancient Chakra system. This pathway extends from Spirit down through the physical body and anchors into the Heart of Mother Earth.
 Lite meaning: your internet connection to God's Web site.


Christ Consciousness - a particular vibrational awareness of the Soul expressing Divine Love and Wisdom as pure Awareness; it contains none of the egoic functions. (see egoic functions)


Collective Consciousness - the awareness, perspective, or point of view that humanity as a whole operates under; consisting primarily of egoic energy ie…judgment, criticism, control, manipulation, protection and defense; all are Fear-based and fed by Rage.
Lite meaning: condensed, compacted humanity ie…sardines packed in fear.

Comic Consciousness - those of you who hilariously think you know what you are doing here.


Communion - ego surrendering to Soul, being embraced and raised up into Soul's loving vibration.
 Lite meaning: tiny wafers of compressed Jesus: A wafer a day keeps the ego away!

Consciousness - pure undifferentiated awareness of Being. With daily practice of Soul referencing, Heartfulness, and mindfulness, one will experience Life as Ascension. That which holds the Divine and the Human within itself without judgment. (see Watcher)


Continuum of Consciousness - the ongoing nature of God/Divine Awareness; it is constant and unceasing; without beginning or end.


Control - one of the functions of ego; a fear-based need to regulate and dominate oneself and others. (see egoic functions)
 Lite meaning: one of mankind's tools to quell the fear that stems from a lack of trust and faith in the Big Guy/Gal.


Core Issues - these are key elements (beliefs, thoughts, feelings) of the collective consciousness that foster suffering, pain and most of the maladies that afflict humanity, such as:
I feel separate
I am not good enough
I am unworthy
I am unlovable
I am unloved
I do not know how to love
I am afraid of love
I am afraid to love
I am sin filled
I am less than
I am superior
I am evil to the core
And thousands more…


Cosmic Consciousness - Divine awareness of the material universe in its form and formlessness, which is very vast, but miniscule when compared to the Inner Planes. (see Inner Planes)


Covert - the negative interior energy that humanity operates from; the secrets that were never to be spoken in childhood, ie… family secrets, church secrets, self secrets, and negative self-programming. Behind these stand the core issues of unfinished Mommy/Daddy business. (see Overt, Unfinished Mommy/Daddy Business)


Creativity - allowing Soul to flow through the 4 lower bodies manifesting as creative process in all its multitudinous forms. This energy is inspired and inspiring. When one experiences creativity, one is in the at-one-ment with Soul which is our Heart's yearning. This is a Soul quality. (see Soul qualities)


Criticism - one of the functions of ego; a judgmental energy that disempowers the recipient as well as the critic. (see egoic functions)
 Lite meaning: one of mankind's tools used to boost one's ego and shelter the mental body from its inferiority complex.


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