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The following is a list of pieces that can be downloaded in Word 6.0 format.


Complete listing of titles of Next Focus In Divine Consciousness Worksheets:


I Am Unable To Financially Provide For Myself And My Family

I Lost My Daughter!

I Am A Pressure Addict

My Lover Has Left Me For Someone Else

I Do Not Trust God, My Soul, Or Myself

I Am Afraid To Stand In The Truth Of My Being, 24 Hours A Day

God Is

There is No God

I Abuse Myself Covertly And Overtly

I Abuse Others Covertly And Overtly

How I Honor, Support, and Take Pride in Myself


Reference Materials:

Negative Feelings

Positive Feelings

Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Positions 1:00-12:00

Explanation Of Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Outline

Next Focus In Divine Consciousness Blank Outline

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