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More God Thoughts

God Direct and Soul On Line provide an in-depth look at the following God Thoughts. These God Thoughts are found throughout the writings on these two sites.

These God Thoughts were given by The Divine over a 20 year period. They have been invaluable in our process of Awakening.


It's all illusion back to God.
Everything is a Divine Set-Up.
Everything is a symbol.
Nothing is what it appears to be. See the Energy behind everything.
The Truth is NOT out there - look within.
Everything you see outside yourself is your own Consciousness.
I create my own reality.
We are here to remember who we really are.
The only appropriate question, ever, is, "What's really going on?" The
answer always rests in Soul.
Everything is important and nothing is important.
There is nowhere to go, nothing to do.
There is no separation.
This is all there is.
This IS it.
Turn the cup of your life over; live in constant renewal.
Mindfulness - the mind in at-one-ment with Soul.
Soul always says, "Yes!"
All of your simultaneous past lives are happening now.


Everything is sacred. Make all things sacred through your
What you focus on expands.
One can Awaken in the wink of an eye.
Bring in the Energy/prepare the Energy.
Bring through the Energy.
Raise the vibration.
It is already accomplished; all you do is bring your Consciousness to it.
Whatever you choose, choose it Consciously.
Please, relinquish the NEED to know anything.
Connect with the Consciousness of all things.
Do it in Consciousness, from the Heart, in a group, in Love.
You can choose to Wake Up now or you can do it after you pass over.
We're about the business of the Isness.
The business of the business.
Are you living your life or living your death?
It's not about doing - it's about Being.
Service is Being.
There's no place to go and nothing to do.
I live in the Serene Center of my Being within my Heart.
Engage in each act with the same Consciousness as if you were washing
the feet of the Christ.
Doing The Work brings Consciousness.
New pathways of Consciousness: what is created as you Awaken.


My Love is the most powerful thing on the planet.
Your Love is the most powerful thing on the planet.
There is only Love or fear.
Fear is the withholding of Love from yourself and usually another.
All questions have one answer: Love.
There is nothing to say except "Thank you" and "I Love You".
The magnetic energy of Love is irresistible.
________, I love and accept just the way you are.
Change is an aspect of Love.
Allow Divine Love to flow through you.
Connect at the Heart level.
Everything is God/Love.
I am Love.
I hold you in my Heart.
Only when we Love ourselves, can we truly Love another.
I love you, I honor you, I bless you.
Before Love, there is acceptance.
God is Love.


The ego is not the enemy.
Check your ego at the door of your life.
Please, stop taking your life so personally.
If it's not simple, it's not God. If it's complex, compounded, or
convoluted it's ego.
It's never about the other.
Urgency is the hallmark of the ego.
The day will come when you will look at yourself in the mirror and not
know who you are.
The ego is a doorway to our Illumination / our Awakening.
Embrace the ego.
The ego just wants to be Loved.
War is a manifestation of war within you: if you believe there is a war
going on outside of you it is because there is a war going on within you.
Get off the battlefield.
Rage leaks with every negative reaction.
Rage is what feeds all negative reactions.
Have an attitude of gratitude.
Call for the Sword of Truth to cut the lines of attachment.
Humanity cries "No" and "Help me!"


God is Love is Energy is Vibration is God….
We are humanity/Divinity.
I am God.
I rest in the Heart of God, which is my Heart.
Rest in The Divine Mother.
The in-breath is The Divine Mother. The out-breath is The Divine Father.
Keys to the 'Christing': Make the Calls in the Christ, Give thanks
unceasingly, and Praise God unceasingly.
See the presence of God in everything.
Bring your Divinity to your humanity.
Everything is in Divine Order.
Divine Order is always in place.
Everything is a Divine Set-Up.
I am.
One who is passionately in Love with God - A Mystic.


Who you are and your entire life are part of your Soul Agreement.
Soul speaks through the Heart.
Soul is the medium through which the Divine makes itself known to us.
Choose a Soul-centered life as opposed to an ego-centered life.
Soul is the Master of Awakening.
Your intuition is Soul's way of getting your attention.
I see only your Perfection.
I stand in the Truth of my Being.
Stand in the place of the watcher/the Soul/a place of neutrality.
Show up and be Lovingly present no matter what it looks like out there
or inside of yourself.
Ask your Soul.
Reference your Soul in all decision making.
Look in at the Soul level.
"What's really going on" is always clear at Soul level.
Look in on your Soul Agreements.
Four steps of manifestation: surrender, infilling, integration, and
The peace that passeth understanding.


Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk.
Choose the polar opposite; then come to neutrality between the polar
Teach what you want to learn.
If you can name it, you can change it.
Raise it up.
Have the patience and the persistence to practice your Truth.
Have the faith of a tiny mustard seed.
I will hold this for you until you can hold it yourself.
Energy flows where attention goes.
Follow up, follow through.
Allow your Heart to break.
Give thanks unceasingly.
Always speak the Truth of Your Heart.
Move forward in the inchworm fashion.
Each quantum leap is made up of a thousand inchworm steps.
Live harmlessly so as not to bruise a single rose petal.
Stand forth for another.
Wrap yourself in a cocoon of Christ-light before you go to sleep.
Scan Your Day. Where were you out of alignment with Love?
Prepare the way with Love.
Eat Consciously. Take quarter-sized bites.



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