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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

#1-4 - God Is/God Is Love/I Am Love/I Am God

God Is. This is the first of the Esoteric Teachings. I know this with my Heart, not with my mind. I live my life in complete Trust and Faith that God exists. This was not always the case.

Once I accepted the existence of God, I was ready for the second Teaching, God Is Love. The question "What is God?" has been asked repeatedly over lifetimes. I believe that God is energy. Pure energy. The pure energy of God is Love. The following is how I came to this knowingness. As a young child I viewed God as the man with the white beard in the sky whom I had to try to please. The image was of a giant parent. The message was that one had to be good to be loved. To be good was about what you did, not about the inherent goodness that you are. The meaning of Love, real Love, had not yet come into my Consciousness. I only knew about the egoic perception of personal love, conditional love. God was separate from me and I from Him, Her, It.

Driven by longing to know my true mystical nature, I came to know God as something much larger, more real, more personal, nonjudgmental. I came to know God as the Divine Spark of Creation, of Love and as Love, of All That Is.

Mastering this teaching prepared the way for the third Teaching, I Am Love. I came to feel the Love of the Creator and Creation of which I am an integral part. The essence of Creation, of myself, is Love since the Creator poured itself, its own energy of pure Love, into the creation of me. I came to feel the Love of the Creator loving me. Filling me so fully, so unconditionally as the Beloved that I had to look at taking responsibility for loving myself as the Beloved. Why would I not be grateful to the Creator for creating me, for giving me the opportunity to experience love, joy, peace? Why would I not be grateful for all that I have created.

As I experience myself as Love, I have the opportunity to go deeper, to experience Self-Love. I take responsibility for this as well. As I am in human form, ego is constantly vying for my attention through self-doubt, judgement, criticism, control, manipulation, protection, and defense. As a Divine Being in Human Form, I am being called upon to remember the Truth of who I am as the pure energy of God. I am invited to nurture the Love within me, to let it grow. As it grows, I become the Creator. I can then give Love to others. As I nurture the Love that has created me, I create more Love in myself and for others.

As I come into full knowingness of myself as Love, I move toward the understanding of the fourth Teaching: I Am God. I surrender my ego- personality to the energy of God/Love flowing through me. I remember my essence is God. "I" am God. I take full responsibility for choosing whether this Soul energy expresses as love, hate, fear. With this awareness that I am responsible for how the pure energy of God flows through me, I am the Creator of my own reality. I accept the fourth God Thought: I Am God. Then I can see the whole picture. Everyone is God. Everything is God. As created by God, we are all created of the same stuff, Love. I know that Divine Order is Always in Place because Everything is God. Everything is Love. Thus, everything moves to the beat of Love, with the masterplan of Love, or pure God energy. Everyone receives this pure God energy when they enter into embodiment. It is one's choice as how it will express, how it will create one's own reality. One can create from a place of Love or one can create from a place of fear. I know I create my own reality because when I create from Love, miracles happen. I am aligned with/tapped into the Energy which runs the universe. All is brought unto me. When I create from ego, my life does not work.

The Teaching: I Am God was the hardest for me to master. It offers the greatest freedom. For as I take full responsibility for that which I create, I can create whatever I choose. I can create a lifestream of joy, Love and peace or one of rage, sadness, despair, and victimhood. The choice is mine. It is a Conscious act that is part of my Awakening.



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