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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

# 9 - Divine Order Is Always In Place

Every moment is a Divine Set-Up created by our Souls and held in Divine Order. These Divine Set-Ups are not meant to punish or cause suffering though the ego often perceives most events in life as such. Rather, Divine Order presents us with the opportunity to experience life as a series of lessons/opportunities to go beyond the limited perceptions of the ego. To move into the limitlessness of Soul while still in embodiment. Divine Set-Ups are intended, purposeful events choreographed by our Soul to create the opportunity for us to "wake up".

There are no victims in life. No one is ever to blame. The only appropriate response to life is gratitude. Sincere thanks for the unfolding of events just as they are and for the unlimited opportunity they present in each moment. There are multiple levels of awareness and clarity offered in even the simplest of circumstances. The only appropriate question to ask is, "What's really going on here?" Make a quest of deep Conscious inquiry into each occurrence, and "All shall be revealed unto you". We just need to stay open to the inpouring of realizations, insights, and clarity. All of nature and the universe are here to support the raising up of our Consciousness. To demonstrate to us in each new instant the Divinity in everything. We create each day, each episode, as a Divine Set-Up from our God-Self, our Soul. We create the circumstances we are ready for next. Often we will repeat over and over again a certain Divine Set-Up in a variety of outpicturings until it sinks in and a change takes place. Change occurs when we understand and integrate the Divine Set-Up at a deep level. This causes a raising up of our Consciousness. Change is an aspect of Love moving from the present vibration to a higher vibration in an upward spiraling pattern. Just like plants naturally and instinctively move toward the sunlight, we humans gravitate toward our source of nurturance and sustenance - God, our Source, the Truth of our Being. The Divine Order of our unfoldment, moment by moment throughout our lives, moves us in this direction.

Our Soul creates Divine Order in a timely manner, based on our readiness. Our Soul impeccably tailors it to our Awakening. When we move in Trust and Faith in this Truth, we are able to constantly live in a state of grace. In gratitude for each sacred moment.

I first realized the Truth of Divine Order a few years after my father died. He was a dynamic man. He was the center of focus in our family. We all lived our lives in relation to him, always striving to please him. After his death I observed great shifts and growth in my sister, my mother, and myself. We seemed to emerge and blossom as individuals. It was as if we all gained a portion of my father's strength and energy at his passing. We were able to use this energy for ourselves. We emerged from his shadow into the light of our own Being. Our purpose was to "wake up". To remember the Truth of our Being, as God. To live life in human form with this remembrance always in our Hearts. My father's Soul Agreement was to leave his body early in his life, to catapult us into greater growth and expansion. This was surely Divine Order in action.

When we live with Trust and Faith in Divine Order, believing it at the very core of our Being, we are able to live each moment as sacred. When we continually ask Soul, "What's really going on here?" we open ourselves to the Big Picture, the Truth behind the drama of any and all events. This reveals the Divine Order behind all experiences. We truly are guided in every moment by our Souls. Our Souls are always creating the perfect events which will assist us in our Awakening. For this I do give unceasing thanks and appreciation.


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