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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

#8 Everything Is Already Accomplished;
All You Do Is Bring Your Consciousness To It

We are continually remembering aspects of ourselves that were forgotten upon coming into embodiment through the birth canal. The fact of the matter is we are already completely whole at the level of Soul. We are at home in our Soul and God Awareness at this very moment. We have always been whole. It is not possible for us to be other than whole at the level of Soul. However, our egos want to believe otherwise. At the ego level, we choose to forget. At the ego level, we play this "game" we call Life partly for the sheer joy of Awakening to who we really are. The joy is in the remembering. We, as ego, are really pretending we don't know. We believe this "stuff" is new to us. Bringing our Consciousness to it (the game, life, illusion, ego) merely means remembering what is already accomplished. What is already accomplished is that we are whole at Soul level.

We can choose the most incredible reality we can conceive of and then have it manifest for us. The manifestation (our life) we are experiencing right now is one we have held in our Consciousness. We have chosen to forget this fact so that we can remember it in full Consciousness as part of our Awakening. The forgetting is integral to our coming into full Conscious Awareness of who we really are. We are Awakening from the dream (the game, life, illusion, ego) into full Consciousness that we are the dream, the one who is having the dream, and the one who is aware that a dream is being dreamt.

Everything that happens to us on a daily basis is part of the experience of coming back to the full realization of who we really are in our Awakened state. This is truly Self-Realization. We know it, and then it becomes realized in all planes of Creation. It is realized in all of our four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). It needs to be made physically manifest for us to truly know the Awakened state. We are anchoring this realization into our lives by utilizing our four lower bodies.

We have had limited beliefs about who we are and what we are about. We can't change or let go of these without first having full Consciousness of them and how they operate in our lives. We need to move out of denial around this. Once this is accomplished, we can consciously choose the state of Awakening. The choice to remember who we are is only one of many options available. Some of the myriad options are to believe that this life is about drama, tragedy, hedonism, acquiring wealth, status, fame, suffering, sex, sin,…the list is endless.

From my chosen experience, everything in this life is merely here to serve me in my Awakening. Life has no intrinsic value to me other than how it serves this end, my Awakening. I am fully enjoying myself here because I have realized that this life/illusion is not real. It is truly a cosmic joke that I have a make believe world at my feet. This is a choice I have made with full awareness of the implications. One being that nothing outside of myself can make me feel whole and complete. For me the real value in living is to bring Consciousness to my wholeness through embracing this illusion called Life. This is a paradox that I come to grips with often. Sometimes it's hard not to get seduced by this game. I believe the majority of suffering, if not all, that goes on in the world is a denial of the fact we are One with everyone and everything and not separate and alone, as we may want to believe.

We came into this and all embodiments (incarnations) with specific intentions of what things we wanted to experience to fulfill our Soul Agreements. We went deeply into the illusion of life and became totally immersed in being human. Identities and ego were continually imprinted upon us so that we would absolutely believe that this is who we are. No matter what we are experiencing, we can hold, if we choose, a greater vision, (the Awakened state) while simultaneously being in this life experience. As we hold this vision in our Consciousness, the physical world shifts to mirror this to us. Everything Is Already Accomplished; All We Do Is Bring Our Consciousness To It.


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