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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

#7 - Everything Is Illusion Back To God

What is "Illusion"? What is "Real"?

Is God Real or is God Illusion?

If God is illusion, then everything else is real. If God is real, then everything else is illusion.

Let's look at illusion. Using illusion, magicians rely on the assumption that you, the observer, will believe their slight-of-hand is real. They use this to further convince you that all their tricks are real.

Humankind has subscribed to the fact that that which can be touched, tasted, breathed, seen, or heard is real. A table is real. A bird or the fragrance of a rose is real. The wind blowing through the wind chime is real. Your 5 senses tell you this is real.

Your 5 senses will never be a reliable guide to what is real or illusion. Only your Heart will "know" what is real and what is illusion. Since illusion is so powerful and seductive, if you know God is real, how can you then "know" everything is illusion back to God?

There comes a moment when your senses are presented with a reality greater than self: a knowing that you have just encountered Truth - that which is indisputably real. Absolute. Your Heart opens. In Trust and Faith you understand, beyond the 5 senses, a new paradox. It becomes apart of you and will always be yours.

Paradox: A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true.

Science has found that when the minutest particle of anything is placed in the strongest testing device, pure light is revealed. Pure light is energy. Therefore, everything is energy. Energy is formless. The table, bird, and wind are formless at the minutest level where the vibration is the fastest. The table "appears" real because, as a whole, it is vibrating very slowly. Our perception is what causes a table to become form/real. A person, too, is energy and formless. Our perception wants us to believe we are real and in form. The paradox is that we perceive we are real, but at the inner, minutest level we are pure light/energy. At the outer form-level, we appear to be "real". A great paradox!

God began to be real for me when I birthed my first child. I found the pain was both real and an illusion. I was able, through natural childbirth, to change my perception around pain. The delivery was transformative. I found a connection with "something" that was birthed within me as I birthed my daughter. This could only be orchestrated by a Being beyond my awareness.

Because of deep seated unworthiness, there was a period of years when I questioned my beliefs about God. Slowly I came to the realization that God was real. Many more years passed before I could embrace the idea that Everything Is Illusion Back To God. Intellectually, I could follow the line of reasoning when this God Thought was presented as a Teaching. I understood the concepts, but when asked to write this piece, I had to look deeply into "illusion", "real", and "paradox". I had to hold this paradox of "illusion" and "real" in a new way, as part of my Awakening.

My newly found Self-Love and confidence greatly assisted me. My perception shifted from self-doubt to Self-Love. I already knew everything. All that was necessary was for me to bring my Consciousness to it. The words you have read were created from my Heart and Soul.


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