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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

#6 - Everything Is Important And Nothing Is Important

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Almost everything you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you DO IT." What is meant by this teaching? We live in a world of illusion that seems very real to us. God appears to be the unreal. If God is unreal, then this world must be real. However, if God is real then the world is the illusion. Let's say, God is real and the world is illusion. Then, what is the point of life if it is just illusion? It is a great paradox that we live life (as an illusion) so that we can awaken to our God Self as reality or Truth. To awaken from our slumber, we must paradoxically immerse ourselves fully in the illusion that life is reality. Only by fully embracing life in its duality, polarity, inconsistency, and fantasy can we fully penetrate the mystery of God, which we are.

Most people in the world tend to experience life from the limitations of the ego self. The ego tells them that they are really living life. However, experiencing life from this narrow focus of awareness is more like living your death than living your life. The ego does not allow itself to be totally immersed in anything because it wants to maintain its control over the situation. Now, the ego is also God, but in a contracted vibration. Soul, on the other hand, is God in an expanded vibration. The ego fears total immersion because it likens this to death. It believes death is the dissolution of itself so it ardently strives to remain in control to fend off its own demise. The Soul knows itself to be eternal and so the fear of death is not possible for it. When one is totally present, in the moment and involved in life to the utmost there is no sense of ego, i.e.…separation, fear, death, etc. When one is so fully present in the eternal NOW, there ceases to be a past or future. Instead there is the ongoing present moment that is joyous, brilliant, full of Love, eternal, satisfying, and transformational. The ego has no control over this present moment because its domain is the past and future which are the "real" illusions. The ego, caught in the trap of time, never experiences itself in the eternal present moment. It ruminates over and over about what has happened and what is to come. It tries to remain in control of things by maintaining conflict and separation. The ego tries to keep us out of the present moment and stuck in time and space. Isn't it interesting that the ego tells us to go into the world and achieve, acquire, and consume yet it is never satisfied with any of this. The ego can never be fully satiated because it is not its nature to be satisfied. It is like a bottomless well of desire. The ego's insistence is so strong that we must follow its dictates. We do so until we are ready to experience something else; to awaken to God, which we are. God, which we are, is already an established fact, period. No amount of "doing" in the world as ego can "undo" or alter this fact. It is immutable. The ego seeks to obscure our awareness of this truth so that it can remain in power. It sends us on "wild goose chases" over eons of time throughout multiple simultaneous lifetimes. On and on it goes until such time as the God Consciousness is awakened sufficiently at the ego level within the individual. Then the life becomes completely transformed.

The reason Nothing Is Important is that Nothing can alter our indivisible Oneness with God, which we are. The reason that Everything Is Important is that Everything, including the ego, brings us into this eventual Self-Realization, our Awakening. The ego is merely an illusion that we as God use to get back to the home that we never left in the first place.


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