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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

# 5 - Everything Is God

How can there be a God when war, famine, disaster, child-abuse, starvation and all of the other "atrocities" of life are allowed? What kind of God would allow them? Where is God in all of this? GOD IS ALL OF THIS. There is Divine Order in every circumstance. Bottom line, the reason and purpose of all things is our Waking Up. Being Conscious in every moment.

A bumper sticker reads:

I screamed at God for all the starving children, and then I realized that all of the starving children were God screaming at me.

What were they screaming? "Wake up!" "Get this!" We're showing up in this experience called Life to demonstrate to all of humanity what Life looks like when there is competition, not compassion; hoarding, not sharing; taking, not giving; ignoring, not attending; denial, not realization; separation, not oneness.

The Soul Agreement made by each one of us is to come into embodiment and outpicture struggle, strife, starvation, and lack, so we can have the opportunity to realize there are other choices for each of us to make if we don't like what is going on. We can be guided by our Soul, not our ego in making these choices. The ego can learn Truth, but by it's very nature of separation and fear, it is heavily based in the Big Lie of not enough. Why do our Hearts ache when we hear about "disasters" and "atrocities" that occur? Because in Truth, it is all of us, united as One, that suffer. Soul, our God connection, knows no suffering. It sees everything as Isness. All Life experiences are for the purpose of raising Consciousness at the ego level. The ego learns from each experience which creates change, moving from the present vibration to a higher vibration in an upward spiraling pattern. Change is an aspect of Love.

All "things" are God made manifest in the physical. God creates unlimited possibilities which are being played out for us to "get it/wake up". How easily we recognize the Divine behind a gorgeous sunset; a stunning rainbow; a majestic eagle gliding across the sky. But God wears infinite disguises. God is also peering out from behind the eyes of the leper; behind the young girl who pierces her arm with a drug-filled needle; the pile of rotting refuse which becomes home to rats and street people.

Mother Theresa said, "Each ravished body I hold unto me is Christ. That's all I see, the Beloved in them." She would then embrace those with open, oozing sores, the stench of decay permeating them. Their bloody and festering wounds were invisible to her. She saw only the radiance of Christ, the Truth of their Being, behind the disguise of disease and death.

God Is Everything. Everything Is God. Everything is here solely for our Awakening and remembering this Truth. When we see through our own God eyes, we know this. We remember this. We ARE this.


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