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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

#4 - I Am God

When I first heard the term "Divine Madness" I knew it applied to me. I am possessed by a Feeling so strong that it often leaves me speechless-completely undone. Sometimes, I cannot even stand up in the Presence of this Feeling. I fall to the floor in utter surrender. The Feeling often comes upon me unawares. I am immediately transported into a state of bliss or ecstasy. It can happen anywhere or anytime. I have close friends whom I can call at a moment's notice to come and be with me. As the years have passed, I have become accustomed to this Feeling, so much so that I accept it as "normalized" bliss or "functional" samadhi. I am describing to you The Presence of God. Not The Presence of God outside myself. Rather, this is The Presence of God inside myself. I am also describing to you who I am. I am a mystic. A mystic is one who has a "spiritual reality stemming from direct union and communion with God or with ultimate reality". (Webster's Dictionary-1984 ed.) It is the words "union and communion" that best describe The Feeling of Being ONE with God.

This state of Being is not unique to me. There are many who suffer from Divine Madness. Suffer is the correct word to use here. They do suffer, inwardly and outwardly. They have not reconciled their Humanity with their Divinity. They live in a state of schism, of deep separation. They feel separate from the rest of the world, yet they long for union and communion with the world. As Jesus said, "I am in the world, but not of the world". The mystic feels the Truth of this statement every day they are on earth.

If, however, reconciliation is reached between ones Humanity and ones Divinity, then something else happens. Union and communion with God happens. All the time, 24 hours a day, unceasingly. The unthinkable thought is now thought. The unspeakable thought is, at last, spoken. "I Am God". This is not spoken from the mind. It can only be spoken from the Heart. It is not spoken flagrantly. It is spoken in complete surrender to the I Am Presence. It is not a shout of arrogance. It is a prayer of thanksgiving.


If you read these words and your Heart sings, then you know who you are. As for the rest, there are no words left to say.


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