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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

# 3 - I Am Love

It seems that people search their whole life to find Love in its diverse forms. Yet, why are they never satisfied with what they find? Oh, for awhile it may seem satisfying, but eventually it gets old. Are we not, paradoxically, searching for that which we already have? Love is the state of our Being. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do. It is us.

Love is timeless. Have you ever noticed, when you see an old and dear friend again after many years, there is an instant rapport? It seems as though only yesterday you were together. That is Love. You have changed. They have changed. But something remains unchanged in your relationship. That is Love.

These are questions that I ask myself:
When I die, will my Love cease to be?
Is Love a function of my thoughts, feelings, or actions?
Is Love something I do?
Can you feel my Love if I don't do anything?

Behind all my fears, anger, dreams, disappointments, dramas, and tears, Love sits quietly. "Waiting for what?" you ask. Just waiting. Love is in no hurry. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do. It just waits. How do I relate to the Love that just waits? Is it waiting for me to recognize it? To become aware of it?

To know Love is to become Love. I am that which I behold. When I know Love, there is no separation between me and Love. I become as timeless and unlimited as Love. There is no separation. I am Love. Remembering I Am Love has brought me more fully into my Awakening.

Some say that Love can wither and die. But, that which is never born can never die. Love exists always. It exists everywhere. Love has never not existed. It cannot but exist. It is existence. It is.

What do I use to separate myself from Love and existence? I use fear. Fear makes me believe there is no Love. Like fish swimming in the sea and asking where is the water, we swim in a sea of Love and deny that it exists. Or, we say that it exists somewhere outside of us and that someday we may find it. If we're lucky.

Love is like the sky and everything else is like the clouds. Thoughts come and thoughts go. Feelings come and feelings go. Lives come and lives go. But the sky remains the same, untouched by the fleetingness of life. The sky remains the same. Endless, endless expanse. The ongoingness of forever. This is Love.

The trick is to know Love and its unlimitedness while I experience limitation and feel that I am space/time-bound. Accepting the seeming reality of the finite, I can move into the infinite. How does the awareness of that which is infinite influence my limited life? It gives me perspective. It gives me depth and vision, clarity and purpose, compassion and comprehension. And yet it is still a mystery. A beautiful mystery that continually unfolds and challenges me to expand who and what I believe myself to be.

To know Love and to know myself as Love, I must surrender to Love. I must let Love take me over. I must become drunk on Love. Out of control, woozy on its fumes, deliciously inebriated on its intoxicating high. Merge with Love and you will never be the same. Shower Love on others and watch them change. Love what you hate and watch yourself turn…into Love.


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