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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

#2 - God Is Love

Love is the energy that holds us in form and formlessness
It is as air is, it is the space and the form
Spinning its tapestry of life together, the ever present glue of God
It is God's energy, spilling out upon one's Consciousness
A peaceful light, tip toeing slowly across our identity
Belonging to everyone
Attached to no one
Love is known through one's Heart
The welcoming doorway home, into God, as God, through Love, as Love
The sentient remembering of God
God is All That Is
Love is the energy of All That Is, of God
Love is the voice of God
Love is the touch of God
Love is the breath of God
Love is God
God is Love

To feel Love in each precious moment
Is to be God
As a wave breaking upon the sands of time and timelessness
Wiping away footprints of suffering
Is to be God
Seeing clouds as quilts of endless Truth
Floating across a sea of radiant possibility
Is to be God
Tasting the breath of Creation in a ripe raspberry
Is to be God
Brushing one's nose with the pure sweet smell
Of wet sashaying daffodils nestled in the garden
Is to be God
Manifesting this Love
As the moving tides of our lives
Ebbing and flowing inside and out
Resting freely in neutrality
Is to be God

To know all of this
Is to be dazzled by the splendor of Love
Of God
Of God manifest as Love
Is Love
Is God


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