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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

# 14 - Have The Patience And The Persistence To Practice Your Truth

A God plan has been devised for us, a formula for Self-Realization. Our part is to follow this guidance. This may sound simplistic and in many ways it is. A format has been established by our Soul, a blueprint for Awakening. The difficult part for our egos is adhering to it. Our ego-self, our little will, resists and undermines our dedication to the task of "Waking-up". Laziness, procrastination, resistance, and fear all sabotage our carrying through with this Soul guidance - following our Truth.

Deep within our Hearts is our Authentic Voice, the voice of our Soul. A soft nudging and encouraging reminder of who we are in Truth, and that we are dearly loved. We are also fed continual guidance and clarity in every moment by our Soul. For truly, that is who speaks to us. So often, the roar and clamor of the external world and the constant shouts of our own ego drown out that still, small voice of Soul. But only if we allow it! When we check in Consciously and continually with our Soul, we can maintain our alignment with Truth.

That is where The Patience And Persistence To Practice Your Truth comes in. We call this the "Three P's" to Enlightenment. Patience and persistence are both Soul qualities. The ego knows little about either of them. We can and do see results from doing "The Work" of Awakening, but not always as immediately as our ego would like. Urgency is the hallmark of the ego, remember. Our Soul knows that we have all of eternity to "get it", and moves serenely from one sacred moment to the next. Patience with ourselves is one of the hardest traits to practice. As we see positive results, our enthusiasm builds to continue to do whatever it takes to Awaken.

Discipline is one of the purest forms of Self-Love. Many see discipline as self-denying, severe, or even the withholding of Love from self. This is not true. Discipline serves as a focusing device, keeping us on track with our Soul agenda. It helps us to monitor ourselves in relation to our goal of Awakening. Having structure and routine is also important in doing "The Work" of becoming more and more Soul infused. When we incorporate the Practices, (which have been outlined by Soul for us), into our daily lives, we are able to keep the energy behind the Practices fresh in our mind and body.

Another seeming paradox around discipline is that it creates greater freedom in our lives. Many would believe it to be limiting or restricting. When I practice my Truth, meaning when I speak it, feel it, live it, Be it; it frees me immediately from worry, doubt, fear, and decision making. Life could not be simpler than following, in full Faith and Trust, this internal Soul guidance. The Truth, at the core of each one of us, is that we are God, experiencing human existence in order to expand our Beingness. Maintaining this God focus moves us serenely through life as Love, peace, and joy.

Persistence follows right along side patience. It's very hard to have one without the other. Patience opens the door for allowing the continuation of commitment which persistence maintains. Our egos would have us stray, divert, rebel, and exit from our commitment. Soul gently calls us back. We need to be disciplined in our persistence to stay in alignment with our Soul, our Truth.

To Practice Our Truth is to Consciously manifest our Soul guidance. To actively fulfill what is being given from Soul. To pursue our Heart's longing by listening and following without hesitation our Soul's guidance. To be committed to having this as a continual practice assures our movement toward Self-Realization.

When we Have The Patience And Persistence To Practice Our Truth, we become that Truth more and more, living it more fully, more deeply. We are more Soul-infused in each new moment.


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Previous Piece in the Series


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