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Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts

#1 - God Is

What is God? God is not an old man up in heaven, with a long white beard, and a long white robe.

God Is Energy.
Love Is Energy.
God Is Love.

God is both male and female; masculine and feminine. God is Mother/God. God is Father/God. God is all of the above. God is none of the above.

God is time, space, form, and motion. God is timelessness, spacelessness, formlessness, and motionless. God is all of the above. God is none of the above.

All that I have just stated to you cannot be understood by the mind. Please remember the ego is fully resident in the mind. The only place these can be understood is in the Heart. Please remember, the Soul is fully resident in the Heart.

We have assigned the name "God" to the energy of the ALL-IN-ALL. There are many people who no longer use the word, "God", but rather, have given the energy other assignments such as: The Divine, The Eternal, Eternity, Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, "All That Is and Ever Shall Be", the "Is-ness". You may give this Energy whatever name you choose. If you want to use the word, "God", it will encompass the Impersonal and the personal.

How does this energy called, "God/Divine", express itself? This energy is expressed through infinite variations of vibration. Every solid thing on this earth-plane is this energy vibrating so slowly that it appears to be solid. If you look at the subatomic level of everything on the earth-plane, it is all the same vibration. This subatomic universal vibration is Light. Even within the vibration of Light, there are many existing subtler vibrations. We cannot yet see them, but we are aware of their influence and presence in Quantum Physics.

So, we could well say that "God/Divine" is Light/Energy, which is expressing as infinite variations of vibration in form and formlessness. All feelings are vibrations, both contracted and expanded. All thoughts are infinite variations of vibration. Words are vibration, movement is vibration, all the senses are vibrations. There is nothing that is not vibration. All of this is infinite energy and the vibrating Consciousness of God.


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Next Piece in the Series


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