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Everything Is Sacred

Everything is not what it seems. It is more than it seems. What we see, smell, feel, touch, taste, and hear is but the tip of the iceberg. It is all representative of a much deeper reality; symbolic of a greater awareness. Being so, it contains within it unfathomed wisdom and Consciousness. To unlock the secrets of the symbolic nature of life, we must honor the sacredness of all of it. Physical form points the way to deeper meaning. To fully comprehend this meaning, it is necessary to honor this form. The form mirrors our Consciousness. What we project onto it is reflected back to us. Many of us get so caught up in the allure and glamour of the form, that we miss its main purpose. Form reminds us of who and what we are …God.

Now we can use this reality of form to find ourselves (our true identity) or we can lose ourselves in it. Thus, a paradox presents itself. The paradox is that we must fully move into form to ascertain its deeper meaning, which in turn frees us from limiting ourselves to form alone. We are Consciousness experiencing the limitations of form. In other words, we experience freedom from the limitations of reality by fully entering in to it. That is why the renunciation of life rarely works when seeking God. To fully embrace the sacred nature of our lives is to become One with the Consciousness that creates and maintains it. This physical reality is like a finger pointing at the moon. We become so enthralled with the finger that we miss the moon. The moon is God. By honoring the sacred nature of life, we experience transcendence while simultaneously experiencing the fullness of physicality. The best of both worlds. Everything is sacred because it points us to the Truth of our Oneness as/with God.



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