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Please, Stop Taking Your Life So Personally

"Life is much too important to be taken seriously."
Oscar Wilde


I, me, doesn't really exist. There's really only the we, us, altogether forming the ONE. Yet, we see ourselves as separate and uniquely individual.

If you went to a play and watched as an actor portrayed an evil, sadistic character, and you felt fear and rage for this character, would you then hate the actor? Of course, not. You may well admire her for her brilliant performance. Your life is a play. An unfolding drama. A game. A joke. An illusion. You are a player in the drama of your life. Playing your part impeccably, I might add. But how often do we get caught up in our roles and forget that none of it is real? Shakespeare said, "Life is a stage and all of us are mere players upon it". It is our Soul which watches the play. It is our ego - personality that is the part we play. Soul, as Watcher, never judges our actions, our lines, our feelings. It only watches. It invites us to watch, as well. If we step back and become an observer of our own life drama, we might move into greater enjoyment of the play we have created. We would be able to be more objective and not identify so overwhelmingly with the "character" we are playing. We wouldn't take our lives so personally. We would be on the pathless/path to our Awakening.



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