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I Am A Fully Abundant Being

My awareness of my God Presence is the rich, lavish source of abundance within me. All abundance in my life springs forth from my core, the Serene Center of my Being within my Heart where my Soul resides. There is nothing outside of myself. No person, no place, no thing, nothing outside of myself. I have expanded my Heart to hold everything and everyone within it.

What is this Source of Abundance? It is Love. It is within the Serene Center of my Being within my Heart. I experience the fullness of this abundance of Love which I am. My Love. It is my Being. It is my God Presence, my Radiance. There is nothing else going on. Everything comes from Love. God is. God is Love. I am Love. I am God. I am creator of my own reality, abundantly.

Any thoughts of my source of abundance as outside myself is limiting and thus created by ego. This thought of seeking wealth outside of myself, which is so prevalent in our society, is a manifestation of poverty consciousness. We learned this from our parents. In my family, I learned that wealth is something to aspire to, to achieve, to work hard for…something outside of myself. I lived in the illusion that if I 'do' good, I may get 'IT': wealth. I have slowly surrendered these old thoughts of anything outside myself as my source of abundance. My Love Is The Most Powerful Thing On The Planet, as is Your Love. My thoughts create. My words create. My feelings create. My actions create. The ever-present abundance within me is always available for my creation. Life is a totally different experience when viewed from the perspective of recognizing one's own inner abundance.

God is the Supreme Source of Abundance. My Soul is my connection to God which I am. Therefore, my Soul, which holds the energy of Source, is (the Source of) my inner abundance. Whenever I note that I am stuck in thoughts of poverty consciousness, I remember that any source of abundance not springing forth from the fountain within will always be limited.

The Divine Set-Up to Awaken to this Truth began with my family. It has also taught me the difference between old thoughts of wealth which were limited vs. the presence of unlimited abundance which is always available within me. It is a paradox. I cannot measure abundance in terms of wealth. If I seek wealth, which is transitory and attachment to a very specific form, I limit my access to the free flow of abundance in and all around me.

I am also learning other pieces to the abundance puzzle. Am I focusing on the end product or on the source of receiving from the Divinely Abundant Source? Am I creating for the Highest Good of all? Am I remembering in every moment that I am Love and that I create only from Love?

Love is the Source, the Being, the Radiance, the Connection from Soul to humanity. I am fully abundant in Love. I feel the Love which I am flowing through me. I am Being. Being Love. Thank you.



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