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The Disease Of Perfectionism

Excess was forbidden in my family. Perfection was demanded.

My family perfectionism dictated that my energies push relentlessly until that illusive quality called perfection was achieved. 68 years later I realize this is an unattainable goal. In my phobic desire for perfection, I drove myself to excess in my constant attempts to be who Mom and Dad expected me to be. Perfect in all ways. Perfection was the be-all and end-all of my parent's messages to me. How frustrated they were as I repeatedly let them down.

Many of my Awakening lessons center around perfectionism and the messages/edicts I brought into focus because of attempting to be perfect in all my endeavors.
Those parental messages were:
You're not enough!
You'll never get it!
To any of you who relate to this, take heart. It is possible to come out the other side.


Recognize that there is no way to be perfect, flawless, exact, complete, pure, absolute, consummate, or faultless at the ego level.


The term impeccable defines the Soul's version of "perfect". Granted, our dictionary paints both terms with the same brush. I have come to know that the grace of being impeccable is very different, at the feeling level, from perfectionism.


To be impeccable means to be consistent in my awareness of my abilities. To be realistic.


To be impeccable allows for Soul guidance.


When in overwhelm, Soul offers the ability to step aside from the hustle-bustle and nurture self so that one can line up once more and be able to do what is necessary with ease and impeccability.


Bask in the "not perfect".


Cut self some slack and do whatever it takes. Doing whatever it takes brings a fluid, creative energy to each undertaking.


The size of the task or the length of time is unimportant to the measurement of whatever it takes.


Do not take yourself or the task seriously. Be in the Sweet Ease.


Venture forth with lightness and humor.


Revel in creativity.


Love the process.



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