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You Are God

A friend said to me: " I want to be One with God. This is the ultimate goal of my life".

I answered: "You are already One with God. It is already accomplished. You need not do anything but bring your Consciousness to it."

My friend continued: "I have dedicated my whole life to this goal. Yet, I am fifty-five and my life is a shamble. I just want to die".

I compassionately replied: "Beloved friend, you are already One with God. Your deepest heart desire is already accomplished. Be at peace. All you need to do is bring yourself into alignment with this Truth, your Truth. All you need to do is to remove the blocks that prevent you from believing it and from living your Truth moment to moment."

What are those blocks? Can you name them? Once you have named them, you can change them. Process them. Transform their energy from an energy that pulls you away from your Truth to an energy that draws you into alignment with your Truth.

There is nothing out there in the world that keeps you from being One with God unless you believe there is. It is the nature of the earth plane to constantly challenge your faith in your Truth. It is your purpose and responsibility to maintain faith in your Truth. You are part of humanity's collective consciousness. Once you have Awakened to the realization that you are One with God and consistently remain Awake to this Truth, you become an agent of Awakening and change within the collective consciousness of humanity.

Again, all you have to do is become clear on what it is that you have generationally and culturally inherited that blocks you from believing that you are One with God. If you can name it, you can change it. Little by little, block after block, you bring yourself into alignment with your Truth; that of being One with God.

And being One with God, You are God.


Thank you.


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