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Touched By An Angel

Fifteen years ago, I had an extraordinary visitation which marked the beginning of great changes in my life. The visit came at a time when I was in deep distress, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I had gone through five years of divorce battles, and at that particular juncture, my former wife was dying of cancer in our local hospital and my son had just come to live with me.

I was taking a walk in the foothills of our city to think things out and find some relief in the oaks groves and natural beauty of the area. I stopped on a bridge over a creek. I remember slumping against the rail wracked with pain, and when I stared up into a large oak tree, "something" happened. Although it is difficult to describe the "something" in words; I was transfixed by an energy field in the tree. I felt I was having a vision. The energy field became more intense. Then it swept out of the tree and came toward me. Suddenly, there was a large figure standing beside my right shoulder. I felt these large wings wrap around my body. I became very still and felt great comfort in this embrace. After a few moments, the energy slowly withdrew.

Within minutes, everything had changed inside me. I was no longer in pain. I was lifted into a euphoric state and stood staring into the tree in amazement. I had no doubts about what had happened: I had been "touched" by an Angel.

As I look over the last fifteen years, I see this episode as a doorway leading to my healing process. I have addressed the deep wounds I have carried since childhood. My heart has been opened up again to embrace the human/divine dance of our life on earth. I have truly experienced the Oneness of all creation. I am not afraid of my own power any more and look for pathways to share it with everyone. I have gratitude for all of the blessings that have come my way, and in particular, for the messenger who comforted me all those years ago.

Thank you.



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