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Challenge Versus Opportunity

I recently had my part-time job hours cut in half. Sharing with friends, I explained my new situation. "I have a new challenge. I need to find another part-time job to supplement my income."

When approaching change, I realize I often declare, as I did above, "I have a new challenge." One friend suggested that I replace the negatively powerful word of challenge with the word opportunity. So I looked both up in my reference books.

a call to engage in a contest or fight
a hostile invitation
to defy
to doubt

a favorable or promising combination of circumstances
an opening
a chance

Everything is in Divine Order. I believe I create my own reality. By choosing challenge, I create negativity and stuckness. I am aware that choosing the negatively charged word has created negative energy, filled with leaking rage. Rage keeps me from generating a positive outcome. The negative energy behind the word challenge dictates what I think, how I react, my feelings about myself, and my purpose for creating the lesson.

When I challenge myself, as I did in the above scenario, I create drama. When I am in drama, I am in triangulation. When I am in triangulation, I am always in one or more of the positions of the triangle. I am a persecutor, a victim, or a savior. In the above scenario, I am the victim to my employer's shifting priorities, and my employer is the persecutor. The savior in this triangulation is my recognizing the influence of my choice of word(s) and choosing again. In this case, I changed challenge into opportunity. Opportunity offers positive energy, thus allowing limitless possibilities.

Behind the energy of challenge, I found resistance and force. I am reminded of a visual demonstration of resistance and force. I see one hand pushing against a second, resisting, hand. As long as hand #2 continues to resist, there will always be the need for force by hand #1. Each hand is invested in being the most powerful. As the struggle increases, more force and more resistance is required. Both force and resistance need to dominate. The struggle continues. As long as resistance and force are present, my world continues to be a roller-coaster ride.

Until now, I have needed challenge. I needed the drama, the triangulation. I needed to hang on to the rage that fueled the drama. I now choose to release challenge in favor of opportunity. Releasing resistance, triangulation opens to neutrality. Now there are only opportunities.

I am using my Soul Quality of creativity to manifest opportunities. I pledge to use words that reflect the Soul Qualities of simplicity, enthusiasm, peace, joy, limitlessness, and gratitude. By using Soul inspired words, I create opportunity. My reality flows in the sweet ease. Life is opportunity.



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